Starting Over

Here we go.  A new blog, a new site, a new beginning…at 12:54am.  Clearly I have little exciting to do but start a blog, considering my current condition.  This current condition consists of being medicated beyond belief with eye ointments and eye drops that have put me a bit off kilter in my equilibrium while getting used to them.  Ah well.

Let me wax poetic for a moment and say that I hope this new blog will bring with it more posts than I had been doing as of late on my previous one and that hopefully I’ll get myself to thinking as well as others, but of course we’ll not have serious post after serious post.  What would the world be like without daily doses of strange and interesting news articles I find?  Doubt it will be daily though.  Weekly at best.  I can see myself having a Weekly 5, perhaps a Spanish word of the week. And I might have something else up my sleeve as well.  Perhaps similar to what I’ll end with here.  I saw it on someone else’s blog and decided to do my own. 

The 5 people I’d like to talk with at Starbucks…

In the News

Shepard Smith

Tonia Bendickson (oh wait…)

Tom Brokaw

Al Roker

Bill Hemmer


Hugh Laurie

America Ferrara

Bill Cosby

Mariska Hartigay

Zach Braff

In the Movies

Judy Garland

Angelina Jolie (curiosity kills the cat in this case)

Johnny Depp

Gene Kelly

Kermit the Frog

In Music

Norah Jones

Jon Bon Jovi

Jeff Buckley

Dan Haseltine



Donald Miller

Mark Steele

Louisa May Alcott

Charles Dickens

Franz Kafka (to ask WHY?  Why a book about existential bugs?? haha.  AP throwback)

In Politics

Fred Thompson (will he/won’t he?)

Condoleeza Rice

Bob/Elizabeth Dole

Newt Gingrich

John McCain (to watch him interview himself)

From Around the World

Frida Kahlo

Vladimir Putin (what happened here??)

Queen Rania of Jordan

Princess Diana


In Sports

Tom Brady

Picabo Street

Michael Phelps

Flo Jo

Peyton Manning (will we get along or will there be a smack down?)

In History

Jesus (obviously)

Marie Curie

Helen Keller

Dr. Seuss

Ruth (yes,  Ruth from the Bible, almost my namesake…middle name…)

Hasta pronto.


2 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Grandmother says:

    Lindsey, I like this new spot. It is much easier to read. I’m impressed with your writing and thought.
    Love, Grandmother

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