Los Caminos

I’m presently getting ready to go to the eye doctor to check on all this crazy eye drama and then head up to the mountains.  That’s about as exciting as it gets.  Hopefully Killer will be good.  Yes, Killer is my car.  At times it with affection I call it Killer, like when I don’t have any problems with it.  At other times, it’s with irritation I call it Killer.  Enough said about that.

Here’s something to read.  It’s bittersweet, a very heartbreaking kind of leaving (fyi, last post here = all about leaving).  These things blow my mind about what is going on here in Charlotte, at my church, through the people in my church and through the leadership in my church.

In other exciting news, I came up with something terribly exciting for Mondays.  Now you can all learn Spanish, sort of.  Fragmented Spanish or at least some Spanglish.

Palabra de la Semana (Word of the Week)

I’m literally going to pick up my Spanish dictionary, open it, point to a word, and voila…palabra de la semana.  Here we go…

camino – road, path, journey

As in, I’m going to be hitting the camino in a few minutes.  My camino is in Matthews, NC.  Or I could say la vida es una camina.  Life is a journey.  The letter “o” becomes “a” because “vida” is feminine – it ends in “a”. 

On a final note for the day, if you even care, here’s what’ll be playing in my car on the way to the mountains.  I can’t be in the car without music on constantly. 

Mat Kearney, maybe U2, Josh Groban, Norah Jones, Michael Buble, Bon Jovi, Justin McRoberts, Wicked, a classics collection (as in Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, etc.), a mix I made with road essentials (like Life is a Highway), who knows what else.  I can guarantee one thing though, if you just happened to look over at me while I’m driving, I’ll probably be singing at the top of my lungs in my car.


2 thoughts on “Los Caminos

  1. Enjoy the mountains for me – thank God I will be there soon. Thanks for all the links to stuff going on at your church. I need to be a part of something like that…only GOD knows what HE has in mind for me and your Dad…I really wish HE would let us in on it though….and SOON! Love you!

  2. Aunt Melodie says:

    Wow, Lindsey — Norm has quite a story! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you enjoy your new site. Have fun in the mountains! Love, Aunt Melodie

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