Winding Roads, Swears, and Flags

Well, today with all of the right intentions, my grandmother and I went down to Boone to see the town’s 4th of July parade.  We had lunch with some people, however, afterwards while waiting, we got bored.  So with every other intention of going around the Blue Ridge Parkway, we thought we’d take another road to get in front of the parade to cross over to head to Foscoe.  Well, we ended up on what we like to call “an explore”. 

An explore is basically like a road trip, you have no idea where you’re going, most of the time, you’re just driving around.  In the mountains you can always bet you’ll end back up on 421, 321, 221, 194, 105 or the parkway.  So you just drive.  And in today’s case, climb up up and up.  We couldn’t cross the street at one intersection so we had to go in the opposite direction.  And that was going up the side of a mountain.  And we climbed a serious hill.  We ended up at Howard’s Knob, which apparently is 5900 ft in the air, almost two miles up.  Then on our way back down we went on Junaluska road since we knew we’d hit the parade if we went back the way we came.  Hopefully this road would take us in the direction we were hoping for.  Not.  We just ended up going down down down.  And just when you think you would be down enough in the valley since you’d gone so far up and then so far down, you keep going down!  And we ran across roads like Jake Miller Road (someone let him know he has a road in the middle of nowhere in the moutains in NC!), Almost Heaven (seriously, might as well have been there!), Howard Creek Rd, Howard Church Rd, and you keep going down.  Then we hit the end of the pavement in this middle of nowhere road that was twisty turny.  We kind of stopped there.  Did we continue, or would it be dangerous?  Of course we continued!  I was driving with someone who had forged streams and creeks before.  haha.  So we kept driving on this twisty road that had no pavement.  Some very nice views though.  Very nice.  Eventually, we ended up…near a road that leads to Todd (a town a ways outside Boone) and had basically done a huge circle around the mountain because we were now near the movie theater and New Market in Boone.  Two hours of driving and we had twisted and turned around a mountain where if you’d had a straight road from where we’d begun and where we ended, I’d say you’d have gone less than 2 miles. 

Quite the explore.  Then we came back and watched Yankee Doodle Dandy (see, more proof I am in the wrong time frame) and I just learned that 161 troops in Iraq were sworn in as American citizens today.  Very interesting that they come to fight for the US not as citizens, but because they sense something about it.  Rather cool though.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!


2 thoughts on “Winding Roads, Swears, and Flags

  1. Besides Winnie the Pooh, who started the “I’m going on an explore” thing, do you remember where it came from in OUR family? Your Dad…he’s always up for an explore…as am I – that’s how we found Elk River Falls, by accident, on an explore!

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