Friday Five

Here’s something to enjoy, the Friday Five.  Could be five people, five movies, five places, five random questions I answer, five websites, five dwarves I choose to name, either way, it’ll be five something.  And you should do it too.  Without further ado…

Friday Five

1. If you could suddenly speak one language fluently (that you don’t currently speak) what would it be?

Other than Spanish, perhaps Italian.
2. If you were to suggest a foreign film, that you really enjoyed, what one would you suggest?

Considering all I can think of is Life is Beautiful, I’d have to go with that.  But Motorcycle Diaries was good too.  La Chiavi di Casi was also good.
3. If you had to call another country home (other than the one you currently live in) what one would you choose?

Spain, of course.  Specifically Sevilla.  Ireland wouldn’t be bad either.  Or Tuscany.
4. If you went out to buy an import music CD, what one would you buy?

A flamenco cd or Bebe or David DeMaria?
5. If you were to chose an ethnic dinner, what would it be?

Pisto, Solomillo al Whiskey (I don’t think there is actually whiskey in it though…), aceitunas, and pan.  Translation: cooked peppers, beef tenderloins, olives, and bread.  Kind of a tapas of sorts from Spain.

Your dice now.


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