Apparently ninjas are back “in”.  There’s a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out at some point?  Turtle power, my friends, turtle power.  And then there were ninjas at Pulse’s first meeting at church (high school experience).  So I think I’m going to get ninja on all of you for a second.  A quick assault on your mind about computers.

My computer is peeling.  Yes, peeling.  It must have a hand burn because right where my hands rest on my computer is where it is beginning to peel.  The paint, that is.  A few in my family have recently gotten new computers.  Mine is at least three years old and has traveled overseas with me.  It could be a bit older since I got it on E-bay, but it was still fairly new then when I first received it.  At some point in the future I will be looking for something new…ok, so I’m looking right now, but not buying for a good while.  Computers are crazy little things.  Tiny, tiny pieces, attachments, drives, chips, gigs, bytes, whatever make a huge difference in how it runs, how long it lasts, etcetera.

Here’s what I glean from that regarding us:

One, tiny, tiny things make a difference in how I (we) live, behave, and exist.  Do you get enough sleep or do you walk around in a daze half the time?  Do you eat well or sit around and wait for things to happen or food to come to you?  Do you read the Bible and other books to expand your mind and for enjoyment or just let it slide?  I might not notice it, but one little thing that is missing over time can add up…Put good things into yourself physically, spiritually, mentally, etc. and you’ll last.  You’ll see a huge difference in how you run, how others see you running, and how long you last…which leads to number two.

 Two, you have to eventually replace a computer because it’ll either crash or it is ancient.  Thus, you look for something better.  That has two sides to it if you think about it in terms of people.  Sometimes you are missing something so you look for something better in your life either in the right place or the wrong place.  Or, on the other hand, like a computer has to be replaced, you end up crashed, messed up, screwed up, bytes all over the place, viruses galore, and you don’t operate as you should.  There’s a little word here: refurbished.  Sure I can be messed up, but I can be changed and fixed if I work at it with the help of friends, family, God.  There’s good in both of those – refurbishing a computer or buying new.  Likewise in ourselves we can be refurbished like new or we can look at it as buying into something totally new that gives us a new beginning, makes us brand new.

Hasta manana, my refurbished friends.  By the way, too much analogy writing there?  Almost cryptic if you don’t know what I’m thinking about.


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