A Little Ado About Nothing in Particular

I’m heading to get my car inspected in a little bit and then to stop by the church office quickly.  It looks like rain is heading this way.  We’ll see if any actually falls…

If I had any epiphanies or anything exciting to share, I would, but honestly…there’s not too much going on right now.  I’ve got some things to translate for the audiology clinic. 

Here’s two quick ideas:

You write a blog entry and amuse me.

Watch this sermon from yesterday, the last part especially.  I’m glad we’re that kind of church. And you know…it’s always interesting having a pastor who sings Paula Abdul songs to you in an email…

Palabra de la Semana

Here we go again…opening the diccionario and…

horario – schedule, timetable (and its not ho-rario, you don’t pronounce the “h”, just go straight to the “o” as if it said “orario”)

For example, my horario is full when school is in session because of classes, meetings, traveling, church, and everything else that has to be done.  Right now, in the summer, my horario is pretty open since I can do translation work at home and I have lots of time to help out with church and to hit the camino to go to the mountains.

How is your horario these days?

I’m off to get caffeinated and to get Killer inspected.


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