Mis Amigos

Well, sarcasm that gave way to tears has only left traces of themselves with a headache. 

Earlier I was going to meet up with people to have some fun and get over the previously stated issues.  It rained, so I ended up down a flight of stairs and in the apartment of Ben and Jeremy to hang out and watch a movie.  I talked with several people on the phone about it and I honestly doubt, if you guys are reading this, how much I appreciated your calls (a call back in one case) and just being able to hang out with everyone.  It really helped me refocus and just relax.

So, my Elevators, you guys are my comfort and home down here.  I love being with you guys.  You all always make me laugh and smile.  You challenge me and I know you care about the church, others, your friends…  I love watching and hearing about each of you blossoming and using your gifts and talents at church and elsewhere.  I love going out to eat after church and tear down on Sundays.  I love the random get togethers and spur of the moment emails that everybody sends.  You are amazing and I am so glad I stumbled upon Elevation a little over a year ago and have the honor of knowing each of you and calling you friends.

End sappy rant.  haha.


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