Wednesday Weekly

Today consisted of nothing terribly exciting.  I’m not having my surgery until August and it has just poured rain for the last couple minutes.  It is much needed though.  I also was able to talk to my Jackie whom I miss greatly!!  Very excited for her and T’s trip to Hungary again to work with Crescendo again.  And…perhaps a little envious.  haha.

I read my Pastor’s blog today about Urgency vs. Panic.  I’d like to tend to think I don’t go towards panic in the sense he mentions it.  It reminded me of this reading we had freshman year in INST 150 (for all of you non-Eastern-ites, it was a course called Faith, Reason and Justice we had to take our first semester).  It was about how you spend your time and deciding whether something is important or urgent.  Things that are urgent can sometimes wait so that the important is taken care of first.  That kind of applies to deciding whether or not to follow something you feel God is calling you to do.  You look at all you “have” to do that is urgent and decide that those are more necessary than what God is calling you to do.  But honestly, which is more important, taking care of a bill or someone’s life in the balance?  That can bring up missed opportunities as well.

And now for a revived section of my old blog…

Your Weekly Dose of Weird and Interesting – basically I just put in links for the weirdest news stories I find or hear about this week…  It’s been rather amusing in the past.  Here’s what I’ve gotten today.

Smelly Germans and the Police
Stilettos, Brides and Jail Cells
A Year Early and Many Dollars Short
Queen Gets a PhD…30 Years Later

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