Friday Five

The Friday Five could almost be the Saturday Cinco at this point… 

Five Places I Want to Visit:

1. Portland, Oregon – Why?  Well, I’ve never been to the west coast.  I’m not enthralled with the idea of going to California, but especially after reading some of the descriptions of Portland that Donald Miller uses in his book Through Painted Deserts, I would love to see this place.  It has the best of all worlds.  It has the mountains, water, and city all in one spot.  And two words: Powell’s Books.  Largest bookstore in the WORLD.  It’s four stories and takes up an entire city block.  I’d need several days just to see this place, knowing myself and books.


2. Prague, Czech Republic – I don’t recall how I become obsessed with this city.  I probably got the bug the first time I went to Europe.  Something about it being an out of the ordinary place to think to visit perhaps.  I watched a travel show about Prague and it made me want to visit there even more.  The castles and lighting at night.  Yeah, I really want to visit.

Ok, look at this…  Seriously?  This place is like a fairytale come to life in my eyes.  Can you say…honeymoon…someday??  Perhaps.


3. Tuscany, Italy – Nope, it’s not Rome or Naples or anything, but it’s Tuscany.  I suppose the countryside there reminds me of the countryside in Spain in some ways.  It just looks gorgeous and several movies I’ve seen take place there and it is lovely.  The villas, the vineyards and little dirt roads.  They just look like they’d be a ton of fun to explore.  And what would be better than eating authentic Italian food IN Italy?

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina – One of my professors in college was from Buenos Aires.  Of course the fascination continued with the movie Evita.  That led to me writing a paper on Evita while in Spain.  It is supposedly the most European-ized (new word, I’m sure) city in South America.  I’m curious about it for the history I’ve learned about Argentina and what I hear it is like today.

La Casa Rosada

5. Dublin, Ireland – Ok, this is a recent interest.  Obviously I always would have loved to have visit since you can’t get much more Irish than my family (well, if I had red hair, it would be more obvious…), but Katie recently went to Ireland and we have some relatives there.  I also found out that we are possibly just few enough generations removed from Ireland that it is quite possible that we COULD receive dual citizenship for Ireland AND the US.  That is very unfounded, non-researched information, but even the slightest idea that it even exists…I find entirely intriguing.  I can hardly imagine it…the possibility of living legally in two different countries.  Crazy.  I don’t think I’d ever have the guts or enough reason to do it though.  Vacation…yes.

Yes…I tend to enjoy travel.  Right now, it seems that I enjoy the thought of travel.  That’ll have to suffice for actual travel for the time being though…  Someday…


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