Eyes, I-Pods, and Frustrations

July has been such an interesting, crazy month.  From insane roadtrips around the mountain with my grandmother to going on four visits to my eye doctor to numerous trips up and down the mountain to Charlotte to roadtrips to Anderson, SC, car issues and everything in between…it has certainly been a month.

Last week was full of hilarious banter between three generations of my family.  My grandmother, my mom and myself were the only ones up here for a few days and we ragged on each other big time.  All in good fun and it was quite hilarious.  And I was able to blame my mother for a hand injury, all in good fun though.  Those are good times.  Then my dad snuck up here earlier than we thought he’d be. 

It’s funny how I always feel better physically up here too.  The cleaner air and whatnot.  And my eye was actually better.  I drove back to Charlotte yesterday and overnight it proceeded to get worse.  When I woke up and looked at it, it was kinda frightening.  It might be an allergy, it might be something with my contact case, it might be the contacts themselves, it might be…  It goes on and on.  So last ditch effort this time, I bought a new case and brand new solution.  If it doesn’t clear up, my left eye has an allergy and my right is perectly fine OR I am going to see about getting a different brand of contacts and see if that helps.  Odd thing is, I can see perfectly fine and my eye doesn’t hurt.  That’s all good, I just wish we knew why my left eye has issues and my right doesn’t.  Weird allergy if it is…  And yeah, eye doctor four times, not including the other four I’ve seen this month already??  ha.

On the way up to the mountains this time (yes, I came back less than 24 hours later), my little sister Katie was with me.  And we had her I-Pod.  She had me listen to the music she recorded with her group, International Toast.  I was actually rather impressed.  She has to miss the cd release though because of heading to college.  It was good times blasting some songs and singing at the top of our lungs together.

All other car issues I’ve had this month aside, I had another one today.  I’d gotten a rock in my windshield early last fall from a dang tractor trailer on the way to school one day and had it patched.  Well, somehow on the way up here some truck managed to lodge a small, small rock in the same spot.  Ahhh.  Cars.

All frustrations aside, we’ll see if the eye drama subsides this week and I’ll go on my merry business of enjoying the mountains.

Everybody back in Charlotte, you’d better be enjoying tonight to the max for me!


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