Horarios and Gauchos

Ok, who remembers what horario means?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

We’ll just have to wait and see.  For right now (a day late), our rather fitting Palabra de la Semana is the other word above.

Gaucho – refers to what we in North America call “cowboys”

Example: Today I saw many gauchos and gauchas at Summer Blast.  Or, I want to play gauchos and indios (Indians).

I used “gauchas” because, as you may (or may not) recall, if you change an “o” to an “a” it becomes feminine.  Hence, “gauchas” refers to cowgirls.

Yes, Summer Blast for Elevation has arrived.  We had 46 first graders that I know of.  I’m not sure of the total number of kids for our first night.  It went fairly well.  Porter Ridge High looks amazing and I’m absolutely going to have pictures coming soon.  All of the volunteers are wonderful and it is such a blessing to have so many helping out when we’ve got as many kids as we had tonight and such a sizeable task at hand.  I love how ridiculously organized everything is.  It suits my personality and style so very well.  If anyone reading is helping out at the Blast, major props to you.

In other news, I found out about my schedule for the coming year.  Very excited about it.  Since we will have another person there 4 days a week, we are splitting it with me doing Kindergarten-2nd grade and she will be doing 3rd-5th grade.  I’m sort of sad about not having some of the 3-5 kids because I love them, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing K-2 this past year and the day flew by with them.  This also gives me more specifics to focus on.  I can adapt what I did last year and make it even better and really get to know those grade levels more intimately.  Perhaps the next school year we could trade off and I do 3-5 and she does K-2 and I can delve into those grade levels a bit more and further my materials with them.  We’ll see.  I’m excited that they were able to still match it up with the other CSPAM (specials classes – counseling, computers, Spanish, PE, music, art) classes.  On top of all of this, we’ll have a classroom to share.  Hooray!  By share I mean I’ll have it in the AM and she will have it in the PM.  By the way, she refers to the other teacher, Ms. Shelton.  I’ll do my K-2 classes in there in the morning for their first contacts (we do two contacts – classes – a week with the kids) and then in the afternoon I’ll do the second contact with other K-2 classes in their classroom.  She will do her second contacts in the AM in 3-5 classrooms and have OUR classroom in the afternoon to match up with the CSPAM rotations.  It will be the best of both worlds.  A classroom to use and I’ll still have my cart.  I honestly didn’t mind being on a cart last year (especially after getting the one I have now!) and while we’ll have to coordinate things for the classroom, I’m very excited about the possibilities that arise with having a room.  Can’t wait to start planning and getting set up.


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