Styrofoam Geek with a Musical Sister

Today, on what is possibly the HOTTEST day of the summer I spent hours in a ridiculously COLD room.  I got a call yesterday from the foreign language coordinator for the county to come in and help her get some things organized and set up for the effective practices training for new FL teachers next week.  I’m getting paid, so I like that!  I went in at about 8:30 and I had fun.  Yes, you read it right, I had fun organizing things, looking at objectives, organizing themes and vocabulary, worksheets and resources, etc.  I have to be the biggest language geek ever.  haha.  Now, those are all things teachers must do, but I was helping come up with what will be given out as the district curriculum for all elementary schools.  I was developing the context and content of what can be used to teach elemetary level Spanish to ALL K-5 students in the district.  It will have far reaching impact.  I’m not trying to make myself look good, I’m getting at the fact that I love that kind of work.  It requires a lot of thinking through methodologies, theories, integrating with core curriculum, etc.  I really think I want my master’s in Curriculum and Instruction…

What does styrofoam have to do with this?  Well, its a humorous story actually.  And it shall be proceeded with this warning…

WARNING TO ALL STYROFOAM USING ESTABLISHMENTS: I could be hazardous to your styrofoam products…

Why?  Because apparently I have the ability of poking a hole in a styrofoam cup without even trying and simply picking it up to take a sip.

Over vacation I was with my family at the fine establishment called Chick-fil-a and had some sweet iced tea in a styrofoam cup.  Somehow in the midst of picking up my drink, I simultaneously managed to poke a hole in it with my thumb.  Waterfalls and rivers of sweet tea dispersed on the table.  Go me.  I’m actually quite proud of this feat.  haha.

In other news, my sister is awesome.  She and her friend John Petrizelli just recorded a cover of Jack Johnson’s “Better Together”. She’s already recorded a cd with her band International Toast.  Her song with John is out under the name Gallazelli.  Cleverly original, yes?  You can listen to it here.  Do it.  Now.

And you might as well watch this too.  Friday night I ended up at a friend’s apartment with some other people.  The guys played with the boxing on Greg’s Wii.  It was entirely amusing, especially if you didn’t know they were playing a video game.  Hence, my friend Cristina and I took video with our cell phones.  It came out kind of dark online, but it is still rather funny.

Are they playing a game…or are they crazy?

And FYI, our Palabra de la Semana shall be “ganso” or “gansa” in my case… Gansa = nerd. Which I clearly am. Proud of it.

One thought on “Styrofoam Geek with a Musical Sister

  1. I’m proud of you kiddo and I know you love organizing stuff. I’m also glad you were asked to go help – that is wonderful. Katie is a wonderful musician and Hilary is great with her digital stuff – she is designing a calendar thing right now to keep up with her school work. Watch out for styrofoam cups…

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