The Atypical Swell

I’m in the midst of recovering from my surgery on Monday and I suppose the swelling actually started showing up late yesterday.  Today, my lower jaw is rather swollen.  Let’s just say it hurts just a bit to laugh, which is unfortunate because I love to laugh.

This whole thing has shown me what a great group of friends I have down here.  Quite appropriate considering we’re in the middle of a sermon series called “Entourage”.  One of my friends, Laura, whom I also work with at school, is in my small group and lives in another building in my apartment complex.  She so graciously took me to my appointment and to get my prescriptions filled right after.  Tonight we’re actually having small group and they are so awesome that we’re having milkshakes because all I can have right now is cold, soft food.  haha.  I love that.  I love them.  I deeply appreciate this, more than they probably know.  Tonight, I think we’re really going to “roll deep” on some things, asPastor Steven put it in this week’s sermon.  After that sermon I was thinking….who in my entourage would I call the encourager, or the person I could go to to get some insight from?  Anyway, PF was also able to interject the words to Rhianna’s song “Umbrella” too…but that’s another story entirely.  Though if interested, check out the sermon HERE and look around 26:50 for that comment.

 I’m quite excited about our next series and everything that is coming up.  The next series is called “Everything I Need to Know About Elevation Church I Learned from the 80’s…and a little of the 90’s”.  Hilarious.  If I could find the trailer online I would… 

Another wonderful component of this past week’s service included Chris Brown playing a keytar.  Yes, you read it right.  A KEYTAR.  Credit for this picture goes to the amazing Lisa who works to document amazing moments at Elevation through pictures.  She has a website called 1Eleven Images.


And not only did he play a keytar, he played it to a MuteMath song called “Typical”.  Just as you see in this video:

Oh yes.  And last week we had a rapper.  Nice.

Workdays start tomorrow at school.  I’ll probably be moving sluggishly bringing all of my stuff almost all the way BACK to where my office was before.  That’ll be fun.  Then on Friday we have this crazy Drug Training thing.  That’ll also be loads of fun.  But I AM looking forward to getting back and in the swing of things again.  Hopefully my swelling will get down over the weekend and my stupid eye drama will disappear.  Yes, still having issues with that.  Next week we’re having our staff retreat at Queen’s Landing.  It should be a good time.  I’m enjoying the fact that I won’t have classes the first week of school also because of helping with kindergarten testing.  That is a blessing.  Almost like having another full week of workdays.  September 4 we will actually start having classes. 

Add to this the fall launch of things at church and I’m excited.  The swelling I’m experiencing right now is nothing in comparison to the swell I feel in my heart about things coming in the future.

And now I need some pain meds…  It’s not as bad as I thought it would be though.  Monday night was quite rough though.  Quite.  That is all for now, children.  Come back tomrrow for more fun.  I’m sure I’ll have fun stories about moving things at school.


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