Take It

So, until about half an hour ago, I hadn’t been able to check my email since about Tuesday of last week. That was weird. Then I had to set my computer back to factory settings for ridiculous reasons. I haven’t had internet since Saturday. Gah. And wouldn’t you know…I got WICKED excited about something and I wanted to blog about it yesterday…but I didn’t have internet access…or at least my computer wouldn’t let me have it…until now.

The “feeling” is kind of gone now. Unfortunately. However, I do have various rather amusing things that we shall go through ina random number order just because I feel like doing it that way.

1. NOTE: Before I edited this, 2 was number 1. Well, what I found changed all of that. Now, you all MUST go check out Elevation’s new and improved pimped site. Truly awesome. I made it very easy…just go to the sidebar and click on ELEVATION CHURCH. And even better once you’re there, there’s a trailer for our next series on there. The next series is entitled: Everything I Need to Know About Elevation Church I Learned from 80s Rock. Oh yes. It is just that amazing. And if you scroll down to the little media player, CLICK on “Current Series-80s Rock”. Enjoy. Relive. Laugh. Sit with your jaw dropped. Cool part if you were actually at church the last week: We got these old school things called CASSETTE TAPES in cases with the series…cover or art or whatever…on it to use as an invite for people. Oh yes.

2. NOTE: This used to be number 1, but I found something I had been waiting for and it made me even more excited than this. So, if you skipped number 1 or didn’t pay much attention to it, go back. NOW. I’m ridiculously excited about having a classroom to decorate and set up.
3. Sunday was a loooooooooooong day. Church all morning, kids meeting in the afternoon, figured I’d stay and help with Pulse (high school ministry). It was a good day though. Good times. Great vision from Pastor Steven for the future of E-kidz. I’m excited about what’s coming up for Quest (preschool-kindergarteners). See…I’m getting our new name down, guys…
4. In the hour or so I had before Pulse yesterday, I went to the Barnes and Noble down the road. I was looking through some books and I recalled the name of an author that several in my small group raved about. I found the book and while I was in that section, I came upon Clayton King. haha. He’s one of Pastor Steven’s mentors and friends and he has spoke at Pulse lately. He was actually the speaker last night. The really funny thing was the fact that he was talking to these two people about Elevation. I didn’t butt into the conversation or anything, but that was awesome.
5. Worship leader high last night at Pulse. Now that we have THREE full time worship leaders…pastors…as of this month, it was hilarious, yet amazingly awesome to realize all THREE of them were there last night. Mack Brock, Chris Brown, AND Wade Joye were there. I see superpowers. In fact, last night was the first time I think I’d ever seen Wade lead worship for Elevation and that was a perfect experience to start out on. He did an incredible job.
6. Clayton brought it last night. Seriously. Why DO we care so much about what other people think? None of our friends have given their life on a cross like Jesus did… So why does their opinion matter? The only one that should is His. And in that same vein, what would we risk to do something for Him? Our popularity, perhaps? For the chance to be real…to be blessed… Shady palm tree…that’s all I’m sayin.
7. I got the chance to talk to Chris Brown’s wife Beth after Pulse. That was also good times. We met briefly at a leader Dominate meeting. We both got pulled into different side conversations, but she’s really nice and I’m hoping we can get together again sometime.
8. I really, really like the newest version of Pride and Prejudice. Really.
9. Most amusing point of my day yesterday: CVS called. Now, after my surgery I’d immediately gone to get my prescriptions filled. I’d thought I had four and had told them I’d wait. They called me, there were three. Perhaps one hadn’t been a prescription. Monday night was tough. Tuesday…better. By Friday afternoon I wasn’t taking what I thought was my one pain med. So, on to Sunday when CVS called. They had a prescription waiting for me. I asked what it was… And…start laughing now. Here comes the punchline: vicodin. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I made it WITHOUT the vicodin. That would have certainly made Monday easier, but dude, I was ok by Tuesday. Yes, I can TAKE the pain.
10. Today I got almost giddy putting up two bulletin boards in MY CLASSROOM at school.
11. The music teacher at my school…probably one of my favorite people in the building.
12. Just figured I’d end on an even number for the ADD and OCD types who are reading.

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