Futbol americano

Last night (Friday night) was pretty much fantastic. After a crazy long week of meetings and workdays at school, I came home and had forgotten about what I’d originally been planning on watching that night. I had picked up Chick-Fil-a (nuggets…small, you know, since I’ve still got that whole surgery thing going on) and changed into something else. Around 8pm I figured I’d see what was on. Channel 2. CBS. Panthers vs. Patriots. My night was planned out. The only thing that would have been better would have been either watching with other people OR being AT the freaking game! Seriously, being in Charlotte oddly enough is probably the closest I’ll ever get to a Patriots game. Hilary is kind of close going to school in Quincy, Mass, but me…I suppose anytime the Panthers play the Patriots IN Charlotte will be what I have to work with if I ever want to see them in action.What a game, not that it was the most amazing ever, but it was good to see my boys in action again, doing what they do best. In honor of that game…our Friday Five…which was going to be the Saturday Cinco…and has since become the Sunday Cinco…shall be the following:

My Five Favorite Patriots Players:
1. Tom Brady – I’m sorry. Lots of people say it…he’s the best. Quick and smart. He can read the players and they can read him very well.
2. Laurence Maroney – I think last year was his first year, but the guy is pretty much amazing. He can run like it’s nobody’s business.
3. Tedy Bruschi/Mike Vrabel – They’re vets…I put them both on the same level. I think of one and see them together. They’re always around each other. Came back from some rough stuff too.
4. Stephen Gostkowski – After Adam Vinatieri left for the Colts (*cough…traitor…cough*), he came on for the Pats and I think he’s got something. I was impressed with him. I am impressed with him.
5. Wes Welker – I think we got him from Miami? After what I saw last night…he’s key.And on the flip side…

5 Pats Players I Miss:
1. Ty Law
2. Adam Vinatieri
3. Corey Dillon
4. Willie McGinest
5. Lawyer MilloyI also thoroughly enjoyed seeing both teams interact with each other after the game. They instantly went over to the other just to talk and chat. Call me the eternal optimistic and idealist, but that was nice. I know, I know, probably just a show. But perhaps not. Anyway…I’m ready for some more football.

Also of interest this weekend:

1. My little sister, Katie, was taken off to college. She’s actually at my alma mater, which I miss immensely. She’s at Eastern University and is not only in my former dorm, but she’s also on the same floor and in the room I had my freshman year. Nice. I’m excited for her.
2. Elevation’s fall kick off starts. Very 80s. I’m excited. Pre-K becomes Pre-k though kindergarten. I’m looking forward to what our new production is going to do to enhance our work with the kids and their families. It’s going to be awesome.
3. Goodbye sleeping in.

One thought on “Futbol americano

    Can you say excited? I SURE CAN!
    I can’t wait to get back to Boston and have football parties with my guys again… Even if my boyfriend hates the patriots. Boo him. He likes the Bills.

    Yes – I have a wordpress account now. Mainly for my poetry. Who knows if I will change over for serious.


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