Gossip within the Church

Yesterday I read a rather disturbing post on my pastor’s blog.  You can read it here or read below a shortened version:

Why would you do that?

I found out today that about 6 months ago, a prominent pastor in town made fun of me and our church from the stage during their worship service.

First of all: props to my staff, who handled this without me ever knowing about it, because God knows I’ve got better things to do than find out which pastor can spit (I’m cleaning up my language) the farthest in this city.  They didn’t even mean to tell me today, it slipped out.

Now on to the point: What in the name of all things holy is this cat thinking?  He pastors a church with several thousand members, and he has nothing better to do with prime pulpit time than to pummel a young upstart pastor down the road? 
I really don’t get it.

I think my generation of pastors has a lot to learn about honor
At Elevation, we honor men of God.  We honor the ministries of other pastors and churches.  We certainly pick and poke at various traditions, but we pick at our own even more.

I try to speak well of other ministries at all times.  It’s a part of our culture.  It’s a part of our DNA.  In fact, you could say it’s a part of my theology.
I don’t execute this core value flawlessly, but I pursue it relentlessly.

When other pastors come to meet with me, I try to pour myself out for them.  Whether their church is 10 times bigger or 10 times smaller than ours, I lay my hands on them and pray for them…for God to anoint them with favor and to multiply blessings upon their ministries.

To all who call Elevation home:
The day I start singling out pastors of other churches by name from the pulpit and berating their ministries, leave.  Run away as fast as you can, and find a real church.
A church that’s way too preoccupied with lifting up Jesus to call out others who don’t see things from the same vantage point.

What was done and said by another pastor is almost unworthy of even talking about, but as you’ll read below, I’m personally offended by it, hence I respond.  On top of this, I feel disappointment as I’m sure do others including the Lord.  And let me preface this: I am not doing this to be rude or point fingers, but in end to simply offer a suggestion on what is a better way to have your time spent.  There are others as well who say good and bad about Elevation, but that’s not who I’m talking to and not what I’m talking about.  This is a general response and not just for pastors…for the church.

Now, in general, I’m obviously disturbed.  As a pastor’s daughter, I’m blatantly offended that another pastor, a fellow leader trying to teach and breathe truth into his sheep, would spend his time at the pulpit or on the stage degrading another church and another pastor for their work for the kingdom.  Why am I offended?  My dad is a pastor and I know what he goes through and I have seen AND heard the CRAP that can go on behind the scenes in the ministry and in the church.  It’s no wonder some are turned off to the church when leaders act like this. 

Being a pastor, do you not have the obligation to lead with grace, integrity, and truth…not opinion?  Do you not have anything better to do than GOSSIP about another person who knows what it is like to be a pastor…a pastor who is learning the ropes, nonetheless?  Do we as the church and you as the pastor not have the commission to go and make disciples and reach the lost using the gifts the Lord has blessed you with?  This is certainly time well spent and while gifts and ideas may differ between churches, surely those who harness the gifts within their church to reach the lost are worth applauding, not gossiping about.  There are many better uses of your time at the pulpit in front of your congregation (those who will REACH the lost and are OUT among them).  You have great influence within the church.  Do not take it lightly and seek what God would have you do and say.  Do not spend that time spreading your opinions and sharing gossip with your church members.  Seize that time to teach JESUS to them and to re-cast the vision of your church.

End rant.


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