Cinco para Viernes

5 para Viernes:

Imagine you are on your deathbed. Recommend to those who remain in your life…

1) One book to read – Well, besides the Bible…  Any of the O’Malley series by Dee Henderson or Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig
2) One movie to watch – Singin’ In The Rain….obviously. 
3) One food to eat – Churros con chocolate (and not the store bought kind) or paella
4) One place to go – Boone/Blowing Rock, NC if it has to be in the States.  The mountains are just a part of the amazing craftwork of God.  But outside the US, Spain, of course.  If I had to get real specific, go to Parc Guell in Barcelona.    

5) One life lesson to leave behind – Don’t sweat the small stuff (a hard lesson for me a lot of times).  The process is the point…hmmm.  Sound familiar???

In other news, I just had my first full week of kids at school.  Loving having a room and procedures and awesome reward systems set up at varying levels.  I have a fun unit planned for second grade with Flat Stanley and some contacts in Spain, Panama, and Mexico.  That should be awesome and fun for them.  Kindergarten should be interesting.  I just can’t wait to get over all of this “beginning of the year” stuff.  It’s already VERY OLD and VERY BORING for me AND the kids.  Can’t wait to get to content and get into the grind and swing of things and we’re all on the same page.

Fun quotes from the week:

“Me llamo Peanut Butter.” – 1st grade boy

“Hola Peanut Butter, me llamo Jelly.” – me – I just had to.  It was a moment.  I had been playing a name game with the kids to a rhythm and had gotten to him and asked his name in Spanish.  His response and mine are the above.

“If I chose a girl as a table leader, I’ll give her this nametag.  What does it look like this person might have been when they were alive because they were a real person?” – me

“A queen.”

“Very good.  What country do you think she was the queen of.  Here’s a hint: it’s a Spanish-speaking country.” – me

After several responses involving China, Egypt, Texas, etc. – “Bagdad?” – 1st grade boy in a different class.  Just goes to show you how much they’re hearing at home about the news and what is going on in the world.

Also, I found out that our pre-k through kindergarten room at church, now called Quest, has had 70 plus kids for the last two weeks!  Our production is going really well and it’s just awesome.  Lots of good things going on there.


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