Oh What a World We Live In…

Today has been interesting.

  • I woke up and since I’ve had no internet the last day or so, I used our “amenity key” to get into the business center at like 5:30am before I went to school.  Gah.
  • First thing at school this morning I broke up an argument between two little twin boys in first grade who are brothers.  I swear these two were born RUNNING.  They’re so hyperactive.  Today’s argument that led to tears: brother 1 had shown the shark teeth yesterday for show and tell and now today wanted to be the first one to show the bug he found.  Brother number 2 feels left out.
  • The carpet in my room at school will be the death of me.  Not allergy wise, but because the kids won’t stop picking at it and hence I have bits all over the room by the end of just the first class.
  • Play phone tag at school!  With numerous people!
  • Play with a puppet named Ronnie la rana.
  • Listen to what seems like funeral procession music as kids leave for the day to walk to buses and car rider line.  Note: If the music is on, they’re supposed to walk quietly to their destination, the music is off, they can talk with inside voices.  Similar thing for lunch.  Music on: no talking, but eating.  Music off: talk softly, but still eating.
  • I have to laminate a book I made in a tiny little laminator that you crank by hand because our bigger NEW mechanized (is this a new word?) one is broken.  Ha.
  • Laughs with LB.
  • I leave school to go check out the treadmills and whatnot at a nearby place.  Stop to get gas in the car and run into 2 of my kids from school who run around the store saying, “Dice hola, dice hola.  Hola Senorita, hola Senorita.”  They crack me up.  Hyper kids, but entirely amusing.
  • Get back to apartment…still no internet.  But handy guy has arrived to fix my pipe dripage problem.  Hooray.
  • Walk down to business center.  Busy.  Walk back.  Time Warner man hath come.  Time Warner man leaves.  Internet is still not working.  Here I am, back in the business center.
  • Check email: message from friend I haven’t heard from in a loooooooooooooooooong time, but miss greatly.  Hooray!
  • Upon return to apartment: revamp lessons, think about the busy next few days, watch some Ugly Betty reruns, sleep.

How’s that for fun?  Interesting, interesting day.


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