It’s Not Unusual…

Today was absolutely not what I expected it to be like.  Here’s the bulleted version of Thursday, Sept. 13, 2007 for Senorita Gallagher (yes, I’m apparently a fan of bulleted entries lately):

  • Woke up and got ready for school, treated myself to Starbucks since I left early and needed caffeine
  • Arrived at school and had breakfast duty in the cafeteria.  Continuing, insanely long lines of children and bookbags all along the hallway.  It’s ridiculous.
  • PTO day at school = no CSPAM (no specials for kids all day) and all grade levels meet in the gym.  That means all K classes go to the gym at the same time, all 1st grade in the gym at the same time, etc.  This goes on all day and the kids practice their 2 songs with the music teacher.  The rest of us (art, pe, spanish, etc.) are supervising, doing the sound, video, etc. 
  • 8am – teacher calls about not having her 2nd Spanish contact.  Different this year because I have my own full time schedule and the other Spanish teacher has her own full time schedule.  Oversight on our part, but if there is no CSPAM, obviously there won’t be any S by itself, at least that’s how I would look at it…  So we lose a pair of eyes in the gym.
  • Half way through 1st grade, I’m called to the office to help with a Spanish speaking parent.  Guidance counselor goes to gym to cover for me.  Oh wait, I’m not only talking to a parent, I’m telling a parent why their student is suspended for bringing a lighter and toy gun that produces static shock to school AND riding with them to take them home so I can talk to the parent.  Gone are 2 pairs of eyes from the gym.
  • Return to the school and find out a kindergartener had an episode while practicing in the gym.  He was on the top riser and just went DOWN.  Didn’t put his hands out to catch himself, just pale and he fell.  No one was around to catch him, but he was picked up and taken to the office and had another episode on the way to the office.  No history of anything, but maybe it’s epilepsy.  He goes home. 
  • Afternoon…due to what happened in the AM, I personally don’t want something to happen to a child because there simply weren’t enough eyes or adults to watch about 120 kids (or more per grade level) when they are in the gym practicing for something and hence be liable and the school be liable or sued.  So, no more issues about 2nd contacts when we have CSPAM parties or PTO practices.  I did end up doing 2 kindergarten classes though.  But they were fun!
  • Afterschool, almost messed up the laminator.  Go me.  And then a ridiculous amount of cutting and pasting.
  • Call from periodontist about my surgery and insurance.  Oh wonderful!  I was on a waiting list that lasted a year before I would be eligible for coverage on periodontial procedures.  Hmm, nice that I never heard anything about that it that the date the year was up was Sept. 2 and I had the surgery Aug. 13.  So perhaps we can appeal it based on that info AND the reason I had it done OVER the summer – so it wouldn’t interrupt the school year!  They said it might not work since it was more than 2 days before the year was over.  I’m still going to try, but then the doctor offered something amazing.  They’d cut my bill in half because of what was happening with the insurance and because they wouldn’t cover it.  How incredible and generous is that??  I’ve NEVER heard of any doctor doing anything of the sort.  I still felt like I should try to see what the insurance would do because I had fully intended on paying them the full amount for the surgery.  Especially considering the first time I asked my insurance about getting it covered, they said it wasn’t.  So if the appeal doesn’t work, I am still only paying half of what my bill would be.
  • Due to the previous, I got a huge and overwhelmingly positive feeling of what I need to do with that money I WOULD HAVE paid for the rest of the surgery bill.  I feel like this all has worked out by the grace of God and there’s a big reason to why they have offered to break it down to half that even they do not know.  My bill was $1600.  Now it is only $800.  When I do what I am planning on doing, I have that other $800 dollars (the other half I’m not having to pay the doc) going towards something different and hugely important, so I won’t even miss it since I hadn’t even planned on having that money left over in the first place.
  • Got a random bill in the mail for my Aunt…whom I don’t live with anymore and our names are clearly different, so how they messed that up, I do not know..

 So now you’ve got it.  My day in bullets.

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