Children Make Me Smile

Seriously, kindergarteners are my favorite group ever when I’m teaching.  They’re such little sponges.  They absorb everything.  I love it.  And you are the sun and the moon.  You say jump and they ask, how high?  And then they ask a ton of other questions…  Why are we jumping?  I jumped over a stick when we were on vacation in…  Haha.  They’re so random at this age, but it is so amusing.  They’re quite creative.

This year there are four kids (I think) in kindergarten whose mothers are teachers AT Unionville.  I had one class yesterday with the AIG teacher’s son in it.  He’s a cute kid.  This morning I got to school and as I was walking in, she arrived with him.  I heard from behind me, “Mom!  That’s the Spanish teacher!!”  I turned around and smiled and waved at him and he jumped up and down and waved back.  Adorable.  I get in my room and they walk by down the hall, she comes back by and tells me this incredibly amusing quote he made to her yesterday.  “Mom, I know Spanish.  I’m really good at it.  Pretty soon I’m going to be speaking Japanese.”  I got a big laugh out of that.

I also love when they say they can speak Spanish and then they make up a word they think SOUNDS like Spanish.  I suppose I should be impressed that they get the kind of sounds the letters make though!

Then tonight I babysat for one of the Dominate meetings the church is having.  I’m continually impressed with how much the church does for families.  They want the services to be distraction free for parents and other functions (like GroupLink on Sunday for small groups) to be the same way.  Hence, they get babysitters for the families.  Tonight they had to get 12 babysitters that they sent to the homes of each of the families so they could have individual attention and not a large group to look after.  I actually got to babysit for one of the kids who comes to Quest on Sunday mornings and his little brother.  They are so cute.  Well behaved and fun.  Tait is 4 I think and his mom was an elementary ed major with a minor in Spanish so he was telling me all his colors in Spanish and whatnot.  He did really well with them.  I was impressed.  I had to sit with him for a while when he went to bed because of the thunder.  We talked about how it was God bowling and then there were creative questions to answer such as:

Where does he get the balls from? (Maybe he borrows them from his friends)   Do the pins go down?  (I bet they do, he’s God.  He can do anything.)

Kids make me smile.

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