Whoops… Two 5s

Well first of all let me say today has been a great day.  It’s my dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dad!  It was also a great morning with lovely weather.  And I had a great observation at school today.

Absolutely forgot the Friday 5 due to babysitting and then a busy weekend, so you’re getting two separate 5s.

5 Awesome Things About My Dad:

1. He has this incredible knack for making parodies out of songs.  Growing up it could be anything we listened to and then he’d go and change the words around.  I doubt anyone knows the song “There’s Always Room” by Aaron Jeoffrey, but there’s a line that goes “There’s always room, here in the family”.  Well, according to my dad, “There’s always room, here in the bathroom…”  Yes.

2. He and his best friend, Mark (aka, Markelangelo) still hang out to this day.  They went to college together.  I actually got flix messages on my phone yesterday from a meal they had together at a restaurant.  It is hilarious to listen to just one end of a conversation they are having on the phone.  I guarantee 95% of it is laughter I hear.  And not just “ha, ha”, it’s serious “Is he even breathing?” laughter.  I love getting our family and theirs together.  And I always “make” them tell stories of the raucus they caused in college.

3. He’s an incredibly gifted preacher of the gospel.  He has a lot of dreams and visions in his heart for what he does, what he sees himself doing presently and in the future, and where he sees the church (not just where he is at, but the church in general) going in the future.  I miss hearing him preach.  I can see him and several people at Elevation having a lot to talk about.

4. He despises bananas.  Anything having to do with bananas.  No wonder we’re related…I despise them as well.

5. He makes good mashed potatoes and breadsticks.  Seriously.  My sisters and I always loved when he made the potatoes instead of mom.  No lumps.  haha.  And the breadsticks were gooooooooooood.

And here’s the reasoning for the next 5: someone else posted about Christmas and the drastic change in weather temps

5 Things I LOVE About Christmas:

1. The music.  I love love love love love Christmas music.  All of it.  Most of it, at least.  I have two mixes I’ve made with everything from Bing Crosby to Frank Sinatra to Kenny G to Amy Grant, MWS and the Chipmunks.  Title: Feliz Navidad 1 and Feliz Navidad 2.  And I start listening ON Thanksgiving.  That’s how I roll and how my family rolls…or how I make them roll.  haha.

2. Decorations!  My mom has a huge collection of Christmas decorations that she’s gathered over the years, so we honestly spend an entire day after Thanksgiving bringing boxes and bins up stairs, taking down fall decorations, and putting up all of the Christmas stuff.  And of course, I make them listen to Christmas music.  I have a pretty good collection of stuff right now, but I guarantee it will grow this year and if you come by my apartment, no doubt you’ll think Father Christmas threw up in my casa.  But it ain’t tacky…   The funny thing is, my sisters would get home for Christmas before me and they’d decorate the tree.  Well, by the time I get home, the cats and dog have messed it up and all the ornaments are in one area and there are holes between branches.  I HAVE to take the whole tree down, lights off, ornaments off, etc. and start all over again.  Yes, I am a perfectionist.  I start by “fluffing” the branches out, methodically place the lights, and then also methodically place ornaments.  Yes, there is such a thing as branch fluffing.

3. The food!  Ever since I can remember, we’ve always made party mix (always my job), peanut butter balls, coconut balls, sausage balls, and sugar cookies.  And of course, I carry on the tradition and you can bet I’ll have all of the above in my casa or at any parties.  The other thing that is a tradition in my family is breakfast casserole on Christmas morning after presents.  My mom makes it and I make absolute certain that we have it…even if my sisters don’t like it.

4. The movies!  All of them, except for probably the most famous of them all, which I REALLY do NOT get…The Christmas Story, which they show on TBS for like 24 hours straight.  Never EVER watched that the whole way through and never plan to.  Just doesn’t look at all good.  I will however watch Rudolph, Elf, The Grinch, etc.  My favorite Christmas movie, however, is White Christmas.  We used to (and probably still have) a tv recorded VHS copy of it from the 80s.  I recall the commercials so well.  haha.  We watch it every year on Christmas Eve and eat pizza, followed by opening stockings.  I plan on making Elevators who have NOT watched this movie, do so this year.  You have been deprived, my poor children.

5. The weather.  There’s something so lovely about driving through a town or on the road anywhere around Christmas time with the chill in the air, lights and cheesy lawn ornaments hanging outside, Christmas music in the car, and if you’re in the right places, snow either on the ground or in the air.  I distinctly remember good times in the car driving home for Christmas, driving in CT around Christmastime, and going around with my parents when I was little looking at the lights in different neighborhoods (McAdenville anyone?).



3 thoughts on “Whoops… Two 5s

  1. I’m still considering an internship down there – right now I’m actually looking into doing one over my January Term at the Arnold Agency in Boston. It’s the top advertising agency in the US. And if I get an internship there, I can get a job anywhere post-graduation. You can look into it if you like, but I think I’ll use the summer for money making this time. Unless someone really wants to pay me well for an internship there, heh, I don’t know. I’d really like to if it were closer. We’ll see how everything with Arnold goes.

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