5 Funniest Things I Heard This Week

Here’s the Friday 5…amidst the most psychologically and mentally draining week, kids made me laugh a lot.

1. “Siesta?  It’s time for my siesta in 2 pages.  Cause it’s late.” – kindergartener as I’m reading a book and just mentioned and explained that siesta means nap.

2. “I’m good at Spanish.  Next thing you know, I’ll be speaking Japanese.” – yet another kindergartener talking to his mom who also works at the school.

3. *Names changed to protect the incredibly innocent, yet hilarious children*  “Sam!  Where were you?  Ms. H____ was worried!” – first grader.  I was in the hall and he first stopped by the bathroom and called in from the hallway to see if a certain kid was in there.  Nope.  Just as I asked who he was looking for, the other kid came around the corner.  The seeker gave this  hilarious look to the “lost” (who had really just taken his time in the library) and his tone sounded just like I imagined the teacher did.

4. “If there is a lockdown….walk fast, but do not run.  You have to be careful.” – kindergartener’s response to my question about what they need to do with their hands and feet while in class.  Also a bit more hilarious considering we’d had a lockdown drill the previous day.

5. Yet another kindergartener in response to a picture in a book I was reading to them with a night sky and a random spaceship in the picture (not serving any purpose in the story, just an illustration)….  “Look, it’s a spaceship.  They’re aliens.  They have green blood.  Maybe one of them is my godmother.”

There were also random conversations my kindergarteners had about college and where they were going to go…  They really crack me up.  I need to keep a running record of kid quotes this year.   So far, they’re insanely funny and I love it.  I can laugh with them very easily.

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