…it’s what I do…

So, I’ve always been someone who tries to be aware of others’ needs and hence try to be there or do something for them to make life a little easier, encourage them, and let them know that the little things are important and worthwhile.  This weekend I had the chance to do this with several other amazing individuals whom I shall call my “entourage”.   This was a huge blessing to do something together for some guys who do a ton at church. 

Tonight at this prayer experience we had at our new Butler campus, it was restated more than several times that 162 people had given their lives to Christ in the AM services.  AFTER this experience I was walking around and saw…yup the same guys doing the exact same thing they’d done just a few hours ago, tearing down.  They’ve basically been awake and kicking since probably before 4:00am. 

Junior, Buffalo, Chuck, Fizzle, Saltine Cracker (yes, I absolutely just made up some of those and you know you enjoy them and hey, Saltine Cracker and the new cheese Muenster…that’s funny), that 162 had more than a little to do with you.  You set the stage for God to finish what He’s started in them.  Your 24 million hour marathon Sundays every single freaking Sunday amaze me.  And I NEVER see any of you question why you’re doing it or upset about it as if it is an obligation.  What you do takes a lot of time and effort and you better sure as heck know it’s appreciated and if you don’t, consider the 2700+ who were in both campuses of Elevation today and were able to experience God because of what you do.  And the 162 who were changed.  And all of the other 700+ volunteers who were able to carry out their duties because of what you set up.  It goes a long way down the line back to you.

Enough of that…at the late hour and crazy number of hours I’ve been awake, that could veer into more silly zones we shan’t go near.

I end by simply saying LOOK NICK…now you’ve even read your name and been written about on Ga-lager’s blog.


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