Completely Decaf Impressions…

First of all, you all need to watch the following video and then think it’s pretty much amazing.  Then continue reading.

Mute Math performs Typical LIVE IN REVERSE!

  • The above has me RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED about seeing them in Charlotte on October 28 a few days before my birthday.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Unlike my sister who is thoroughly enjoying the 88 degree weather in Boston, I’m not enjoying this rise in temp we’re having again after having several REALLY NICE days where it was cool outside and it just felt amazing.  I’m sick and tired of sweating just by walking out the door and want to say “Good riddance” to the humidity.  Oh yeah, and you know the season changes just mess with my allergies, so I’d like to just finally get over that, thank you.
  • I’m living through the fruit of my labor…being around small, breathing, walking germs everyday is finally hitting me and it’s getting my vocal chords.  I’d like them back, please and I’d prefer not to almost die like I was almost the case after my first grade class this morning.   Ok, I exaggerated a bit there, but it pretty much felt like it.  But in all seriousness, I’d like to get over my insanely forceful coughing fits, thanks.  It impedes on my ability to get through material with classes and I can’t do my job 100% when I’m having to reach for water every 5 seconds and make my way through a fit for 30 seconds before speaking again.  Yes, my allergies are amazing like that.
  • House is back on tonight! 
  • Text wars with a friend whom you used to call (and I still happen to call) Sethinator, Sethmeister, and Sethster at about 11:30pm can be amusing even if they are costing you.  (And by the way, I was Lindsinator, Lindster, Lindsmeister)
  • My periodontist continues to be amazing.  I had a final checkup scheduled today and she said that one looked great but the other had great coverage, she just wished it had more thickness.  I am really appreciative of her honesty and the fact that she wants to do her job well and not leave it as is.  So she’s calling it a “repair” and we’ll see what the insurance does.  Hopefully it’ll go through now that the 17 day junk is over.  It is still essentially a graft, but it’s only going to take 30 min., be a very small spot she wants to work on, and I’ll be fine to work the very next day.
  • One would say my pastor is a dork upon initially viewing his latest blog entry by looking at the picture.  While it is entirely amusing, it is also a really heartfelt entry.  Happy 1 year blog birthday, PF.
  • Chipotle is my friend.
  • I might be moving classrooms.  To a bigger room.  That’s fun…  This all depends on whether we get permission to add another kindergarten class or not.  If not, we move to a larger room.
  • I just found out that Adam Pascal, who originated the role of Roger in RENT is coming to Charlotte.
  • Ballet Folklorico de Mexico is coming on October 29.  I can see a long weekend here…anyone interested in THIS on Saturday night??


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