Fly Me to the Moon

Sudden inspiration…  Browsing a friend’s fantastic music collection currently and I found some good stuff.  Gracias, Jeremy.  One such highlight was Frank Sinatra.  Hence the inspiration for the yet again…  And bear with me, I’m suddenly very into this ability to post videos on my blog, so perhaps I’m abusing that power…but you should all enjoy it and watch the awesomeness.

Almost Forgotten Friday 5 (now once again, the Sunday Cinco):

Five Musical Artists I Wish I Could Have Met/Seen Live:

1. Frank Sinatra

You Make Me Feel So Young

2. Rosemary Clooney

Rosemary Clooney Sings

3. Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby – Swingin On a Star

4. Judy Garland

JUDY GARLAND – Over the Rainbow – 1943 Command Performance

5. Gene Kelly

Singing in the Rain

Oh, and NO it is NOT a coincidence that they all just happen to have been in musicals because you can bet I knew that.  That whole time period of musicals and the music in general coming out of that time period is just amazing.  I love it.  I just wish I could have experienced it and I wish more people these days would appreciate it a bit more and realize how awesome it is.  Hence, this is why I love Peter Cincotti, Michael Buble,  Harry Connick, Jr., and Jamie Cullum.   Bring it on back…

Why Jamie Cullum is Bringing it BACK:

Jamie Cullum – I Could Have Danced All Night

And Michael Buble:

Feeling Good – Michael Buble

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