The List.

First of all completely off topic: There were some really adorable little elementary school boys trying to skateboard outside as I was driving back in from work.  It was really adorable.  I can’t wait to have one of those.  Little kids, I mean.  But that’s for another day, I suppose.  haha.

I’ve been thinking at random moments lately about what to tell certain people (ie. mother since she always asks and any other random person who happens to ask) I want for my birthday or Christmas as they are relatively close to each other.  Here is the truly mish-mashed list as of right now:

  • Mac PowerBook – I know, you all want to be the one who gets it for me, don’t go kidding yourself.  🙂
  • iWork for the above considering I’ve seen the amazing things it can do and I would love to try to use it for school and just to work with in general.  Plus, you know, the Medion is dying.
  • House, season 3 on dvd
  • Peter Pan Collector’s Edition on dvd – Yes, Peter freaking Pan.   I happen to enjoy it.  Perhaps this is why I find myself back in a place with young kids?  I never wanted to grow up?? ha.
  • A good Crockpot cookbook.  I saw one the other day, but didn’t go for the $22.
  • Ipod…Ipod shuffle? 
  • A Starbucks giftcard.  It’s becoming a bad thing having THREE less than half a mile from me.  Help me out.  🙂
  • Real Simple magazine
  • Any and all types of music and/or theatre purchases (this includes but is not limited to cds, books, videos, group apparel and other various items, tickets to a show – and fyi, Adam Pascal is in Charlotte in November and Oct. 29 Ballet Folklorico – flamenco, etc. – is in Charlotte…just…you know…fyi and regardless, I’ll probably take myself anyway unless someone else cares to join and there is a random chance I might even purchase their ticket if someone is interested in seeing the awesomeness)
  • Carabbas.  End of story.
  • Let me think on it some more…

2 thoughts on “The List.

  1. Adam says:

    You can get a bigger and better crockpot cookbook than you’ll ever find in a store by just looking for recipes online and printing them. And it’s FREE!

  2. caffeinatedimpressions says:

    Adam, this is true, but…I’m kind of obsessive about these things… I have this thing about something tangible I can hold and even see pictures of it. Plus my printer is crap right now.

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