Save the Last Dance for Me

It is the God’s honest truth that having just K-2 this year makes my heart burst with joy (though I love spending Monday afternoons with the older ones!).  It is also the God’s honest truth that having just K-2 this year on top of working in Quest SERIOUSLY makes me so excited about being a parent someday.   I cannot wait to have my life devoted to taking care of little hands, feet, hearts…and molding them into the person God would have them be.  And that goes without saying that I’m equally excited about being a wife.

I think I’m in a “season”.  I think.  I’ve found myself happy with my singleness and surrounded by others who are happy with it as well.  And yet there are those among them who really inspire me with their random, sparse comments about how they are excited to have the responsibility of being a parent or a wife or husband someday.  It is interesting how much this has come up in conversation for one reason or another lately.  And it isn’t like the comment is harped upon for hours and we all talk about how we loathe the fact that we aren’t married or have kids or something, just a passing comment that comes to someone’s mind based on whatever the topic of conversation is. 

And this is not to say that that defines my idea that I’m in a “season”.  I guess, my placement right now at school and at church and with my friends…it just feels like I’m having more of an opportunity to focus my energies on kids and developing relationships with them and of course with my friends (who are amazing, by the way).  This is giving me so many learning opportunities that I hope I’m gleaning all I can from these moments.  God is kind of awesome like that, giving you those times to grow and learn to become the person you need to be for your future husband or wife.

I’m also getting laughter and the most amazing quotes from kids every single day.  I’m telling you, kids make the a gray sky bright like the sun.  Here’s two moments from my day:

  • 1st grade: I was finishing up with a class who is extremely well behaved and had earned a reward from me for Spanish class.  I was going to play an upbeat song for them and told them they could dance and move around to it.  I gave some ground rules for the moving and safety and turned it on.  I was going to do some Bob’s Bucks and then have some fun with them too.  While I’m filling out these Bob’s Bucks this little boy, Nathan, comes up to me with his arms outstretched in perfect formation and with all the charm and adorableness he could muster up he asks me, “Will you dance with me?”  I laughed and told him I’d finish up the Bob’s Bucks and we’d see if there was still time.  I had 4 to fill out while I was periodically glancing at the kids.  He stayed right by me and kept looking up at me and kept saying, “I’m still waiting for you to dance with me.”  He was ADORABLE!  He practically had his arms around me waiting for me.  The kid is going to be a heartbreaker.  The other cute scenario here was this little boy and little girl who joined hands and started dancing around together.  And they were both trying to actually DANCE while the others were mostly jumping up and down.  I love it.
  • 3rd grade: We’re talking about Columbus day and how he sailed from Spain, etc.  I ask the kids where they think he is from.  Among the answers: Iraq, Ireland, Russia, Indiana, New York, North Carolina and my favorite: TEXACO.  Some odd mix of Mexico and Texas.  Awesome.

Did I mention I flipping love kids and can’t wait to have some of my own?  I particularly can’t wait until they are preschool age so they can enjoy the amazingness of Quest.  😀

In other random news, I can’t believe I seriously forgot the Friday 5 AGAIN.  I suppose my busyness is my explanation.  Workday Friday…  I shall not forget.


3 thoughts on “Save the Last Dance for Me

  1. It’s really scary how we all blog about the same stuff. I just got done writing my last one and including something about my future children, and now I’m reading yours and you basically talk about the same thing. Freaking weird. I guess we hang out too much 🙂

    I feel you on the “singleness season” thing. I’m so stoked to be single and have the ability to devote the time I have to Elevation and to my friends around me. It’s hard sometimes watching everyone around you date and get married, but right now I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Just think of all the amazing stuff you can do because you’re not worried about some guy 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    This has nothing to do with your entry, but my blog analytical software says that about 30% of the hits on my blog come from people clicking the link on your blog. That’s 2nd only to my facebook link at 49%. You should feel honored!

  3. I hope you are collecting all the things that happen with the kids in a Word document for a book sometime…my favorite is still the one about God and his name tags…

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