Today I almost…

Here are a list of almosts for me today. 


  • wore my sweatshirt in school, but thought better of it (even though others wore sweatshirts).
  • ate breakfast before Fit for Life day began.
  • laughed until I cried at the NED show.
  • had a sign fall on me.  Nice.
  • had to relay some info to the previous “user” of my new classroom that I did NOT want the responsibility for… 
  • was afraid to enter the school for fear that the stench that had permeated the school yesterday afternoon would still be there.  Thank the Lord it wasn’t.
  • didn’t have time for lunch.
  • got the new classroom arranged (yes, I so rock for moving and getting bulletin boards up in a larger room with more space to have to fill in less than 2 days…for teaching, that’s incredible, but now I want my workdays back.).
  • stayed 12 straight hours at school being the perfectionist that I am as I was trying to set up the room.  Only off by about 15 minutes…
  • said I wouldn’t deal with the slightly off center poster on one of the bulletin boards…but I’ve got to learn to let it go sometimes…
  • dressed up as a panther for the Fit for Life day Mile Walk at school.  Almost….because I got caught up in getting the classroom ready and the time I was supposed to be in the office to get dressed passed and I remembered 20 minutes too late.  Thank the Lord they’d found someone else in time.
  • stopped at Panera to treat myself to an actual MUG of cappucino after all I’d done today.  Hanging and working on bulletin boards is a long, precise process.
  • didn’t write a blog post…almost.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Today I almost…

  1. I take it you got the new classroom and I wish you hadn’t forgotten the Panther suit – that would have made a great picture. I like the new blog look, but it was a shock at first when I went to the http://www...

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