It’s Coming…

I woke up today…well, actually this started last night.  After an entirely amusing ride to and from Jonathan’s going away party last night with several people who THINK they are witty (you know I love you guys, right???), I walked to my apartment door and once inside realized how COLD my feet were.  My feet were freezing.  This an entirely new feeling that I clearly have not had for the last…5-6 months since it’s been insanely warm.   So, last night I actually turned on the heat and slept with socks on my feet, which I normally do not do.

Today, I woke up and my first thoughts (besides wanting to sleep more) were…  “I think I want to watch a Christmas movie.”   Fall is finally here and I can clearly feel it.  It is about half way through October which means I will literally be listening to Christmas music perhaps in the next 18 days.  I will honestly be listening the day AFTER my birthday because I love it so much. 

I do wish I could actually see some fall foliage and not this “semi-green” because it has been so dry go to disgustingly brown immediately.   I love the fall as well.  Perfect weather.  Sunny and crisp outside, but not too cold yet.  I will say that I will take some rain over the sun for at least a few days since we are in such great need.  Another reason to love the fall this year in particular: Dominate begins at Elevation.  It should be very amazing.  I’m looking forward to how it is going to stretch, mold, and change the church and everyone involved.  Fall also means Unionville BBQ.  58th year.  Good stuff.

I am very exhausted from this week and am so glad to have had last night and today wide open for rest and some fun.  I plan on going and getting a real cup of coffee from Panera, spending time looking at the world in the fall, and just relaxing in peace and almost quiet.  Sometimes, alone time doesn’t mean completely alone.  The buzz in the background of people moving around and talking can be comforting.  Perhaps I need that today.  I’m actually quite excited about this.  I don’t think I’ve had some good alone time in a while and everybody needs it now and then.  Plus, it’ll give me a chance to think about the Friday 5 since I forgot it….AGAIN.  Perhaps a caffeinated post is in the not too distant future with that included…


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