Spanish word dominare: English translation – It WILL DOMINATE.

That’s right.  It will dominate.

Today began Elevation’s DOMINATE series.  Wow.  That’s basically all I can say.  It was started in true Elevation style.  The worship guys wrote an amazing song for this series.  I wish I had the lyrics.  It so fit with the vision of the church and how much we want to impact this city for God.  It was beautiful.  

 I loved hearing it spit out that this series and campaign is NOT about the money.  It is about how God wants to bless the church so that many, many others in our city can be blessed.  PF read a very powerful section of scripture in Genesis 12:1-3 about how the Lord told Abram to leave his country and that THEN God would show him where he was headed.  The point was made that God is ALWAYS in perpetual motion.  And you can’t even say or spell God without the word “GO”.  That was really powerful to me.  I think this whole concept.  The whole first verse in fact.  Here we go:

Genesis 12:1

 1 The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.

Yes, there’s the whole background to how the church started with people leaving and coming to Charlotte, but in this season and in life in general there is such an huge application here and a great concept to grasp.  God won’t lay it all out for you, you have to do something and then He’ll show up in the end zone where He will direct your steps as you are moving.  (Sidenote: I think he’s showing up in the endzone of this Pats/Cowboys game right now.  PF Chang may be God’s favorite restaurant according to Pastor Steven, but his favorite NFL team is undoubtedly the Patriots.  :-))   Again, I point back to the whole thing about you can’t say God’s name with out the word “GO”.

I think in this season of my life where I am having so many opporunities to learn and grow, this is a huge and powerful concept for me to grasp.  Of course God is directing my path and I’ve always known that.  But I am completely in love with the idea of thinking of this time as a journey.  A journey from who I am now at 5:28pm on Sunday, October 14, 2007 to who I will be in the next week (more on that in a sec), who I will be at the end of this five week series, who I will be at the end of this campaign and who I will be when this season of my life ends and I transition into another.  I am stoked about the things that are planned for the next five weeks.  24 hours of prayer, fasting on Wednesdays at lunch, 24 days of guided prayer, Celebration Sunday when I can give the amount that has truly been laid on my heart for basically the last month or so.  I do NOT want to take this time for granted and I do NOT want to mess this up with my selfish intentions and thoughts.  I dare all of you to keep tabs on me with this.  Seriously – get on me about this and I absolutely want to talk about it.  Here’s a sweet deal: I’ll buy you coffee (or tea if that isn’t your thing).  I am hardcore with my finances and question every single purchase I make most times, so I need to just live and let go.  I’m getting much better at it and I’m just so effected by what is going on right now and what is coming.  I know I needed this challege.  God knows I needed this challenge. 

Today in the service we didn’t take up an offering and I think this was an amazing way to get the vision and heart of this series out to those who attend.  Instead, the church GAVE AWAY $40,000 in increments of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and 4 $1,000 envelopes.  Why?  Because the money isn’t ours and ultimately this campaign and what is built from it will be used to bless others, not ourselves.  So we were challenged to use this money to bless others this week with it and not use it for ourselves or to give back to Elevation.  That’s a huge move of faith for the church to give that money to people when they don’t know if people will really do that.  But that’s just how much the staff believes in this.  I got a total of $10 and I’m just waiting for God to show me that specific opportunity.  They set up a website for people to share what they’ve done to bless others with the money at   I’m excited to see what people do with this mission to bless.  We bless, no mess.  haha.

All of this is such a God ordained thing.  We had a facility, we were going to raise the money, then it was taken from us the day we were going to start the party.  I think (I need to stop thinking and just KNOW)…  I KNOW that God has all of this going on for a reason.  We need to be stretched, we need to rely on Him alone, we need to show the world and ourselves that it is NOT by our work alone that we accomplish great things…  It ALL goes back to Him.  What a huge journey of faith 2,500 of us are about to embark on.  I am excited beyond belief.  We don’t know where we are headed, but we’re going there and I cannot help but have huge faith.  I have no doubt that 10,000 by 2010 is possible and I also KNOW that God is up to something gigantic and He is setting Himself and us up real good as we begin living by real faith and giving, though not knowing what we are giving for…land, a building, warehouse, more high school auditoriums…  I think it is truly going to blow our minds what God is going to do.  In fact, I’d say it’s probably bigger than the thought that we could one day be using Cricket Arena.  Just sayin…  I’m absolutely on my way to faith at that level. 

With that kind of faith, God is going to lead us and pour out His blessing so that Charlotte is dominated and saturated with His love.

Dios dominara sus corazones.  God will dominate their hearts.

Check out to satisfy your curiosity and the church website to watch the sermon.

Final sidenote: Further proof that I’m going mad…  I was thinking about my license plates today…  When they’re due to be changed they are definitely going to say something along the lines of “Elevate” or “Elevated”.

3 thoughts on “Dominare

  1. I LOVE you – Dad and I need to take the faith step in our journey, but I’m not sure God has pushed us out the door…yet…but I think it’ll be coming. Love the license plate idea too!

  2. Aunt Melodie says:

    Lindsey, we did the church distributing money to members to use it to bless others/follow God’s leading with it and it was an AMAZING experience! Look forward to hearing more as it unfolds.

    Aunt Melodie

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