Believe it

The other day, after two 12 hour days at school, I stopped by Starbucks to treat myself to a nice white chocolate mocha and I went into the Hallmark store next door.  I was originally looking for some simple stationery so I could get back to sending random little notes of encouragement to people at school and elsewhere.  I ran across some, but also browsed the other items in the store.  I found several amusing quotes on canvas that I liked, but one in particular struck me and I had to get it for myself. 

I can find little bits of encouragement at home, church, in my car, etc. with music, kids faces, etc.  But sometimes your MIND gets the best of you.  Doubts can take over your mind, you might feel in over your head with a particular project or deadline, and you just try not to let it on and you continue to do the best you can.  I find myself in that situation sometimes in different places.  I’m not saying I have no self-esteem or zero self-confidence.  I do have those and I believe in myself to a great extent.  I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me.  I have high expectations of myself.  Couple that with some perfectionist-ic tendencies and at times, it’s a bad combo and I stress myself out.  Suffice to say, when I saw this, I knew it would be an encouragement to me when I’d see it in a particular spot in my classroom.  I could just look at it and remember…

She believed she could, so she did.

It doesn’t say “She knew she had to, so she did it perfectly and precision every single time”, it just says “…she did”.  Maybe I don’t do it right every single time, but I learn and I try.  It may or may not be something I am obligated to do, but I do it with all my heart.  The word “did” is not a passive term.  It is active.  The results of the application of this thought can produce incredible things.

Believe that you CAN and DO it.


2 thoughts on “Believe it

  1. Grandmother says:

    “She did” reminds me of a poem I memorized in college.
    Somebody said that it couldn’t be done, but she with a chuckle replied that maybe it couldn’t but she would be one who wouldn’t say so till she tried.

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