Shout Unto God

Last night after having a somewhat blah day, I was lying in bed and reading from this daily Bible I have.  It’s amazing how sometimes you can just flip the book open and find exactly what you need to hear without looking up a specific verse.

Last night in particular I was reading in Jeremiah and 2 Timothy.  In the section of Jeremiah I was reading Jeremiah was speaking for the Lord telling the people of Judah to stay where they were and not go to Egypt.  I particularly liked this verse.  It reminds me of Elevation. 

10 ‘If you stay in this land, I will build you up and not tear you down; I will plant you and not uproot you (…) – Jeremiah 42:10

Elevation is here to stay and here to dominate.  He is already building us up as a church, a movement, and individuals.  We’re getting planted hardcore. 

What I was reading in 2 Timothy was of huge encouragement and challenge to me, thinking that this is engraved within me and that I simply need to exercise the practice of these things.

7For God did not give us a spirit of fear or timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline. – 2 Timothy 1:7

Got that?  He did NOT give us a spirit of timidity or fear.  So why do I fear writing that check I know I need to write on November 11?  Why do I get timid about sharing my faith?  We’ve been empowered by Him to do those things that only we can do.  That doesn’t mean all of the big, huge things we’d like to think we can accomplish for God, but also the everyday things we do.  We’ve been empowered to be generous with our time and love.  We’ve been empowered to live by faith. 

All of those things listed…power, love, and self-discipline have different feelings associated with them, at least for me.  The spirit of power…somewhat nerve-wracking to think about considering the great responsibility that comes with that power to use it correctly for the glory of God.  The spirit of love…  I honestly find that to be the easiest one for me to put into practice.  I can’t NOT try to take care of people and show them they’re worth something.  The spirit of self-discipline…  That is absolutely the hardest to put in to practice sometimes.  Quite hard when there are so many areas you need to learn to develop self-discipline in.  This could be big things such as finances and guarding your heart or even the little things that make it so easy to slip up sometimes like not reading your bible every day, gossip, etc. 

I found it to be a huge challenge to me at a time yesterday when I know I needed it.  Knowing that I am not to be timid or shy (which, quite honestly, I can be depending on the situation), but that I have been empowered to live my life knowing the battle is already won, so why worry?  Go for it.

This is why the title of this post is what it is.  I could only think of this song.

The enemy has been defeated
And death couldn’t hold You down
We’re gonna lift our voice in victory
We’re gonna make Your praises loud

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph
Shout unto God with a voice of praise
Shout unto God with a voice of triumph
We lift Your name up
We lift Your name up


2 thoughts on “Shout Unto God

  1. kelly says:

    love the song
    love the verses
    love this post.

    especially the one in Jeremiah. it’s funny that you just flipped to it b/c that definitely describes Elevation.
    and the 2Timothy one is good, too. especially when it comes to sharing the Word. it’s time to get over being afraid of people’s reactions or rejection..

    good stuff.

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