Pieces of Wednesday

I can’t even put all of this together in a logical order, so enjoy.

  • First of all, yay for rain.  Let’s have some more of that.  Humidity, on the other hand, I can do without.
  • Remember over the summer I had that strange issue with  redness around my eye?  Yeah, well, here we go again…with the right eye this time.  Awesome.
  • Read Pastor Steven’s blog during lunch and wow.  “Are you single and wishing God would hurry up and bring you a man?  Maybe God’s taking you the long way for a reason…to cultivate and prepare and stabilize you.”  Exactly what I was talking about a few posts ago about being in a certain season of life.  Not that I’m necessarily looking for things to be hurried up, but I am definitely feeling the cultivate, prepare and stabilize thing at a new level these days.  I can only hope I learn as much as I can and become THAT person.
  • At various moments today, I was able to read a bit in a book I wrote about previously, Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus.  I’m glad I’m getting back into reading it.  It’s very pertinent to what is going on now with Dominate, the Sun Stand Still and Entourage series’ (there’s a chapter specifically on the section of Samuel that includes my new favorite quote “I’m with you, heart and soul” that Jonathan’s armor bearer said to him), and life in general.  It’s about not wasting daylight when you are called to do something great.  Very awesome that I read that today and yesterday I was thinking through things like that in my post.  I highly recommend the book.
  • A week from now I’ll be 24.  Yay.   I don’t quite know what that means yet, besides school and being tired aside from being alive and celebrating another year of life.  haha.
  • Speaking of the above, I have some addendums to that list I previously posted….so here you go…go for it.  haha.

The List (with addendums)

  • Mac PowerBook – I know, you all want to be the one who gets it for me, don’t go kidding yourself.  )
  • iWork for the above considering I’ve seen the amazing things it can do and I would love to try to use it for school and just to work with in general.  Plus, you know, the Medion is dying.
  • House, season 3 on dvd
  • Peter Pan Collector’s Edition on dvd – Yes, Peter freaking Pan.   I happen to enjoy it.  Perhaps this is why I find myself back in a place with young kids?  I never wanted to grow up?? ha.
  • A good Crockpot cookbook.  I saw one the other day, but didn’t go for the $22.
  • Ipod…Ipod shuffle? 
  • A Starbucks giftcard.  It’s becoming a bad thing having THREE less than half a mile from me.  Help me out.  )
  • Real Simple magazine
  • Any and all types of music and/or theatre purchases (this includes but is not limited to cds, books, videos, group apparel and other various items, tickets to a show – and fyi, Adam Pascal is in Charlotte in November and Oct. 29 Ballet Folklorico – flamenco, etc. – is in Charlotte…just…you know…fyi and regardless, I’ll probably take myself anyway unless someone else cares to join and there is a random chance I might even purchase their ticket if someone is interested in seeing the awesomeness)
  • Carabbas.  End of story.
  • More of the Francine Rivers series about Tamar, Ruth, Rahab, Bathsheba, and Mary.  I have the book on Tamar called Unveiled.
  • A massage?  Gift certificate…or just give me one.  haha.
  • Sleep – I’d like to see someone put that in a box, please.
  • A reason to wear the dress I recently bought…but now have no need to wear….that I know of right now.
  • Tickets to WICKED! for when it comes to Charlotte next year!!!
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