Pennies from Heaven

Ok, not really pennies, but it’s quite fitting for today.

First of all, more rain has fallen from the skies.  Awesome.  I love the rain.  It’s beautiful and an amazing sound.

Then, after writing about how much of a test of faith it will be to write that check for Dominate in a few weeks in the midst of some uncertainty about my finances, God just kicks my butt and I’m reminded of someone else’s post (Kelly’s) and think to myself, “Oh ye of little faith…”  And I have to laugh at myself for getting worried about these things and it just pushed my faith overboard.  I WILL write that check.  No doubt.

So back to what caused all of that…  First I get not one, but two checks today at school.  One was my normal paycheck and the other…I was kind of confused until I looked at it.  It was our bonus check for meeting our ABC goals as a school!  It is a perfect amount that just made me think…  “God knew…”  I didn’t. 

THEN, I got a voicemail from the doctor’s office where I had my surgery done.  The appeal I’d made in a letter as to why I had the surgery done before school began (which also happened to be right before they would technically cover the procedure) went through!  Hallelujah!  So, the rest of what I will owe will drop drastically.  Amazing. 

I’m in awe of these two things occuring on the same day, within a couple of hours of each other.  Just amazing.  Further confirmation to me that I just need to get over this sense of control I always HAVE to feel (particularly with my finances) and if by faith I will trust…God’s got my back and wants to love and bless me more than I can imagine.

And then…my car acted dumb, yet again.  Sometimes it’ll start right away, sometimes it won’t and it eventually will, but it concerns me.  Killer and I have a love/hate relationship with this stuff sometimes, but I’m doing better than I would normally.  I’m consciously trying to not worry about it, give it up to God, and pray that it’ll start tomorrow so I can get to school and to get it looked at before Mute Math.  Prayers of the same stream of thought would be appreciated.

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