Crashing Over Me

There are hardly any words to describe tonight.  The volunteer leadership commitment event for Dominate was tonight and just….wow.  I wish more people could have experienced tonight, but I also know that it is coming their way.  It will be incredible.  The whole concept of the leaders going before the rest has been so powerful and challenging for me.  The emphasis that Pastor Steven places on volunteer LEADERS leading the way for the church has just been incredible and humbling.  It is a huge responsibility and I deeply appreciate him driving it home the way he has.  If we go before the rest of those we are helping lead in our various areas, they will follow when they see the faith we exhibit.  What a challenge and a big reason to come out with faith beyond our limitations in what we sacrifice.

I have already said I’ve known what I need to give for the FIRST offering for over a month now.  God absolutely confirmed it for me this weekend with various circumstances and then tonight happened.  I thought I knew what I was going to give and commit to per month.  Well, then I’m in my seat at Butler, feeling the awesome responsibility I have before me to LEAD and to sacrifice some of the stronghold I have on keeping all of my money in balance all the time…and I got stretched even further.  I just felt called to bump my commitment up further than it had been.  I’d thought about adding this particular amount to what I was already excited about giving, but I wasn’t sure if that was just me looking for a nice round number (which I can get a little nuts about, admittedly) or feeling guilty for not giving more or if it was God.  Well, yeah, it was and I needed to stretch my faith further with that. 

After making that decision, the band was playing “Jesus Paid it All” and I just can’t even describe those few minutes.  The sound was crashing over me like a wave of God had swept in the room and surrounded me, giving me peace and assurance.  Just amazing.

Welcome to the next level.

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