It’s Coming Together…24 Years Later

It’s all coming together now.  I’m finally getting it.  It is piecing together.  Finally, now at 24 years today, I can honestly say that I’m getting it.  And it isn’t that I wasn’t getting anything earlier in life, it’s just that now, especially this moment in my life in particular, it is all coming together.  I couldn’t be more blessed and have more happening.

I’ve got a great job.  A wonderful family.  Fantastic friends.  An amazing church.  A role in the formation of young kids’ lives at church.  A sudden, important, and immense growth in my faith beyond what I previously had (and not that that was nothing).  I am in a time of my life where I am seeing how many different situations can work towards making me into the person I should be and need to be to one day have a family, hence I am more intentional with my time, relationships, and learning from different opportunities that present themselves.

It’s all clicking.  Needless to say, 24 is an even number, so 24 should be good.  haha.


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