Friday 5

What is…

1. one place you volunteer (or would like to)? Why?  Hmm, I wonder…  Perhaps Elevation in pre-k because perhaps I love kids and the vision of E-Kidz and the church??  Perhaps.

2. one book you’d like to see made into a movie? Why?  I would love to see Donald Miller’s book Through Painted Deserts made into a movie.  Such a great book.

3. one creature (living, extinct, or mythical) you’d like for a pet? Why?  Either Kermit the Frog (oh yes, partly because my former car had his namesake) or the rock thingy from The Never Ending Story.  He was a sweet giant rock.  A bit dim, but sweet.

4. one place on Earth you’d like to visit? Why?  Prague, Czech Republic, obviously.

5. one talent or skill you’d like to develop? Why?  Ummm.  I wish I hadn’t given up piano, so I guess that could be returned to and developed again.  I wanted to learn guitar a while back. 

That wasn’t nearly as exciting as I thought it would end up.  But I suppose a long BBQ Friday will cause this lapse in thoughtfulness and wit.  Highy unfortunate.


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