This City

The Queen city belongs to the King. 

No doubt. 

We will be Your love in this city.

We will be Your heart in this city.

We will live for Your love in this city.

(Yeah, I probably botched some of that, so correct me, please…but truly….it is the thought that counts, ok?!)

Anyway, I was pretty much blown away by last Sunday’s leadership commitment and when I found out what 275 hardcore volunteer leaders at Elevation raised, I was grinning from ear to ear for the longest time.  But I couldn’t share it!  And now…I can!  And I’m so thrilled to be a part of this.  I love the concept of the leaders going before the congregation and how Pastor Steven says that the people cannot go where the leaders have not gone first.  Wow did people step up and out last week.  I had this thought in my mind that day like, “What if?  What if we raised that 3 million that the company projected we could raise over 3 years in just one day?”  I was beginning to put that audacious prayer into action that was discussed during “Sun Stand Still”.   But I was thinking like the day of the 11th, when the rest of the church added in their commitments. 

But no.  They had calculated that 275 of us as leaders could potentially give maybe $1.8 million at our leadership commitment.  But that was not the case.  God was all up in us and on us that night and there was a serious spirit of unity and generosity flowing.  The leaders of the church (staff and all volunteer leaders in various areas), all 275 or so of us committed $3.2 million to this capital campaign called Dominate.  How’s THAT for DOMINATING and LEADING?  I love it.  What a precedent to set and what a way to lead and start something like this.  This is truy stepping out in faith for 275 leaders to be so committed to this vision when we have nothing concrete we are raising for yet.  I love that about this campaign.  Eh, whatever…  $3 million in 2 years, sure.  Why not just have us knocking out in one night and lead the way instead?  God is on the verge of something absolutely incredible.  Elevation is on the edge of an explosion of God’s blessing and promise.  This city won’t know what hit it and then when it does…they’ll know it was God.

Random side note: I will have you all know, as is my style, the day after my birthday, I did, in fact, bust out the Christmas tunes.  Oh yes.  It is on.

(How awesome of a sentence was that with all of those commas?  Awesome, right?)


3 thoughts on “This City

  1. kelly says:

    haha i told rob the number early and he like…giggled. and i got chills. it’s ridiculous. phenomenal.

    i can’t wait for next week.

  2. Hah! yeah Im kind of new to the whole blogging thing.

    I own the first season of heroes. but Im not a really big “TV” watcher. I usually just buy shows I like…soo far Heroes and The Office are the top contenders for my media attention.

    Yeah I wasnt able to be at church this past sunday because of work at the base. I’ll be helping with set-up and tear-down next sunday though, its been two weeks since Ive been to Elevation! I need recharging! ::begins to go haywire::

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