Proof Positive

Proof positive that Dominate is beyond what we could ever expect or imagine: My sister, who has visited Elevation ONCE (and loved it, by the way, if she lived closer…), has heard me talk about Dominate and all that is going on with Bless Back, tipping points, etc.  Well, I saw her most recent blog entry and saw this:

So, I’ve started setting some goals for myself that I want to accomplish. Some are small and silly, but some are big. And some may seem pointless to you, but they matter very much to me… Here’s my list…

(Note: this is only one of them, there were more)

+ Donate… something to Dominate (Lindsey… what can I do?!?)

Unexpected.  Amazing.  That pretty much sums that up.  That and it makes me want to cry (good tears) knowing that this is reaching further than Charlotte and the real heart of the campaign, a journey of faith, is what many others all over are crying out for.

Go Pill.  🙂

Random side note: Caffeinated Impressions is only 76 people from 4,000 hits.  Should it feel old?


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