Mind Blowing-ly Random…or Randomly Mind Blowing?!

So I guess everyone is writing about how their minds are being blown.

By Dominate Sunday, by music, by the opportunity to serve, by life, by God, by epiphanies they are having. 

Part 1 of Mind Blowing-ness:

My mind blowing experience for the weekend.  Hmmm.  Saturday we had set-up at Providence so we could prepare more for Sunday.  We’d recently found out that one of our amazing volunteers hadn’t been to the services in a while, so we were going to make sure they got to go to the ENTIRE service on Dominate Sunday.  According to our schedule in Quest for this special day, myself and another volunteer leader were on for the first 40 minute shift.  During this time we were going to be doing our large group production and I said I’d run the sound for it.  Simple enough, hit a button here and there in I-Tunes.  I knew I-Tunes since I have it on my computer.  I was excited to be doing something a little bit different for a change and it gave me a new outlook on all that truly goes on not just in Quest or Motion, but also in the services in the auditorium.  In Quest we have a pretty simple set up, but to get it all in order and on the computer (which I did not), takes time, talent, and patience in that particular area. 

Because of the above, when several of us ventured down to NewSpring in Anderson, SC, I was thrilled that we got to see one of the productions they do for the younger kids (they were about 4-5, which is what we handle in Quest).  I took in what I saw in the rooms, barriers, low tables, labeled bins, colored buckets, heavy duty plastic shelving, hanging colored flags, bathrooms right outside the room, and a very nice tech set up.  I know I noticed this more because of what I’d done in the AM at Elevation and in the future, if we could get something similar, that would be amazing.  It would be “Elevation-ized” for sure, but the idea was wonderful.  L-shaped desk, computer, sound board, light board, lots of counter space.  Very nice.  Looking at the area with the perspective of where we are right now in our present state as a mobile church and how that impacts what we can and cannot do, I think we’re heading in the right direction.

Those things mentioned and all that occurred in conjuction with Dominate blow my mind.  I mean I know I’ve said it before, but you can just feel something special is happening at Elevation.  Yesterday being there and in the middle of it was confirmation of that, discussing it with several others in a car was confirmation of that, the reading of several items recently has been confirmation of that.  Incredible.

Mind Blowing-ness Part 2:

My mind blowing thought from last night…  The series at NewSpring last night was called “The Perfect Kid”.  Yes, a parenting series.  Again…finding myself in these situations where I’m given so many opportunities to learn.  Perry Noble’s sermon last night was about how parents should approach handling a good kid when they’ve headed in the wrong direction.  The story in the Bible he spoke from in connection to this is one we all know, the Prodigal Son.  The father in the story did three things that really hit me. 

1. He had great faith that his son would return.  The Bible says he SAW his son when he was a long way off.  He SAW him!  I love that Perry noted this.  This means he was actually LOOKING for him.  The illustration was so powerful, thinking of a father looking for their child everyday, not knowing when exactly they’d return, but that they would.  That’s huge faith.

2. He knew he would have to wait and he had no problem with this because he had GREAT FAITH that he would return.  He knew that there are things God has to teach his son that he could not. 

3. He loved his son unconditionally.  He treated him as if he’d never been gone and all was forgiven.  He knew he’d returned because God had re-entered the picture.

Wow.  This absolutely confirmed for me that whoever the heck I marry sure as heck better be ready to be a great spiritual leader because Proverbs 22:6 just became so much more important to me.  #2 is huge.  I’m the type of person that wants to just make sure everything and everyone is ok.  Resolve the conflict, fix it, whatever it takes.  I have a hard time backing off on some things.  I imagine I would…will…have problems doing so if I ever have kids.  I know my heart will break sometimes, my heart breaks sometimes now thinking of things I probably did that broke my parents’ hearts, but they knew I had to learn something.  Let’s just say that I want my husband and myself to learn to be those parents that say, “Go ahead, God.  I know I can’t teach them everything.  I know it is going to hurt like heck, but go ahead.  Take my kid through the valley of the shadow of death and I’ll be waiting right here.” 

I hope I become that person.  The person that is waiting and praying for the turn around.

Other mind blowing things:

  • Finding out there were baptisms under the tent yesterday!  I didn’t even know until late last night!!  Amazing.
  • Finding out a couple was married in the tent Saturday night!
  • Long weekends!
  • Road trips!
  • Crying!
  • Sleeping in!
  • Coffee!
  • Cars!
  • The Southern Christmas Show!  Yes, I did go today and yes, I did buy things.  Want to see Father Christmas throw up?  Come visit me.
  • Little kids barreling through pillows on a couch like they’re in a tunnel!  Entirely amusing and worth the laughter.

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