Marathons are worth it

Today was a marathon day:

  • full day of teaching
  • meeting right after school
  • planning/work
  • PTO meeting

I left home around 6:15am.  Here I am once again at about 9pm.  But here is the moment that made today worth it all and it wasn’t even part of the school day:

I’m walking into the book fair we are having at school at about 3pm or so.  As I was walking in, one of my kindergarten students was walking out with a bag of books and his father.  Note that they are selling hand pointers at the book fair for some reason – to buy teachers, something for the kids to play school with at home, I don’t know.  He saw me and so began the interaction:

Student: Hi Ms. Gallagher!  Look what I got!

Me:  What did you get?

Student: I got a pointer hand thing.

Me (smiling – I have a red one I use for teaching): Oh, just like mine, huh?

Student: Yeah.

Me (curious to know what on earth he’ll use it for): What are you going to use it for?

Student: Teaching.

Me: Oh I see.  Very nice.  What are you going to teach?

Student: When I grow up, when I get big, I’m going to be a Spanish teacher.

Amazing.  Hilarious.  I love it.  I love that moment, I love that kid.  He’s had a big change in behavior recently and has just been so fun.  I think the whole Spanish thing was on his mind too because I had his class at the end of the day, so it was fresh in his mind.  Love it.

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