Yeah, not really observations, but I can’t think of anything clever at the moment, so deal.  It was going to be a crazy long post titled “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Observations”.  How boring is that though?  Insanely boring.

The Sunday Observations: Sunday was a fantastic day.  We were told the amount of money that had been pledged by members of Elevation to our capital campaign (and we still don’t know what we’re going for yet – warehouse revamp, building, land, true faith builder).  The most exciting part of it for me to hear was not the actual amount that was pledged, but finding out the percentage of participation by people who go to Elevation.  The people of the church are committing to give $6.4 million dollars to this campaign called Dominate over the next 2 years!!  That is INCREDIBLE.  But still, my favorite number came later on when Pastor Steven shared that when they compared who gave tithe regularly and what they should expect based on that for participation in Dominate, they were wrong.  Tithing has gone up participation-wise.  What happened with Dominate when we were all asked to lay it out on the table turned into 125% participation with commitments to this campaign!!  That just makes me happy.  It shows the power of what the CHURCH (not just one or two people who write big fat checks) as ONE BODY can do TOGETHER to impact a city.  Everyone has a hand in it.  Everyone is a link in the chain.  I love it.  Plus we heard some Spanish in the sermon that Pastor Steven attempted while talking about how we need to have an attitude of gratitude towards God for what he has done in the last 5 weeks of Dominate.  HE truly has done something amazing.  I think my favorite line I recall is “I can have a ‘gracias’ in my spirit.”  Having a “gracias” in my spirit.  I thoroughly enjoy that.  I can imagine now I’m going to start waking up and going, “Gracias, Senor por otro dia en mi vida.”  Thank you for another day in my life.

My second observation from Sunday…  Sometimes, I need to sit further back than I do.  Normally I’m sitting in one of the first two or three rows for the service.  This past week I was probably in the middle.  I need to do that more often.  Why?  Well I absolutely love sitting right up front for worship and the sermon.  No doubt.  It’s amazing and loud.  It’s a good place to be if you really want to close your eyes and imagine there is nothing but you, the music and God.  I think I sometimes need the reminder and to have my heart and my ears filled with the sound of a congregation singing though.  Well, maybe not so much a reminder, but it fills my heart and makes me think, “Dang, this is what heaven is going to sound like.  We sound pretty darn good, old and young, high voice, low voice.”  I stood there in the middle of everyone during worship and just stopped singing at some point and just listened.  It was fantastic.  It is such a good reminder that it is not just you in this journey.  There are others right there with you.  Maybe they aren’t experiencing what you are while you are glorifying God through your time of worship, but it is an important part of the life of a church – corporate worship.  Anyway…just an observation and something that touched me on Sunday.

Last Sunday observation: Greg does, in fact, still exist.  Haha.

Monday night’s observation:  My friend Mary Elizabeth works for someone who has season tickets to the Charlotte Bobcats games.  Last night I got a call about an hour before the game was supposed to start to see if I wanted to come.  Ok, sure, why not?  Nothing really to do since it’s such a short school week and I’d had fun the last time I’d gone.  So off I went.  We were maybe 4-5 seats back from the court?  And right in front of us was the most adorable littler girl who belongs to one of the players on the team.  Seriously.  Adorable.  Anyway, this is just set up for the observation.  The observation is this:

Tall, white men have an awkward running gait.

This amused me a lot of the evening when Primoz was out playing and running.  He’s really tall and looks insanely young (though also good looking).  He’s a good player when he’s “on”, I’m not poking fun or anything.  Just a general observation, so no offense Primoz or any other random tall, white guy out there who runs, whether I know you or not.  I didn’t really pay much attention to Hermann running.  I was too busy figuring out who this guy with that name could be from Argentina, speak Spanish, and just generally being amused by Mary telling me what a lovely speaking voice he has  and how he had her in stitches laughing one night (because apparently, she’s just cool enough to sometimes hang out with the Bobcats players…).  My other observation of Monday night:

Basketball game announcers are highly uneffective until the final quarter of the game when everyone finally gets into it.  Then and only then will you get the crowd with you on the “DEFENSE…DEFENSE” chant.


Basketball games are THE PLACE TO BE if you want to get annoying songs stuck in your head…

Today’s observation:  This comes to mind because of John Bishop’s post on how much he likes big words: Today, I woke up with a sore throat and it no longer hurts, I’m just on the way to losing it.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a workday…  I also think I’m trying to fight away a cold so today I was kind of going through the motions, doing what I had planned.  After school ended I was talking with someone about how excited I was about tomorrow being a workday because I could actually PLAN.  Last time we had a workday, I had to MOVE to a new classroom.  This time I get to actually plan.  And not only was I excited, I stated that it was “severely exciting”.  Have you ever called anything “severely exciting”?  I have.  You should try it sometime.  And as a side note, what would happen if you severely severed something?  Ah the English language.  I was proud of the random use of two words put together to describe my excitement.  I wasn’t just excited, I am SEVERELY excited.  I also used the word “acclamated” to describe someone having to get used to something.  Pretty good for someone not feeing 100%.  haha.

 The end.  And by the way, this post probably sounds really random throughout because of the fuzzy little world I’m living in right now.  It sounded a lot better in my head than it has come out.  hahaha.


2 thoughts on “Observations

  1. i definitely get what you’re saying about listening to the congregation singing. i loooove stuff like hillsong when they just back away from the microphone and let the crowd take over.


  2. sounds like a pretty swell week to me Lindsay! glad to read that you are getting over your cold Im sure that can be a real problem when trying to teach and project your voice. oh and Im more partial to the use of the word fierce 🙂 Im fiercely excited about the christmas break coming up! see you at church!

    Ive got something “severely” exciting for benjamin 🙂

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