Get Lost in the Music

Notice I did not say, “get lost in music” and quote the infamous Black Bond and a line from his infamous song… “Circle the Globe”. But you can go ahead and get lost in his music if you so wish. It can truly put you in a trance. It is quite special.

The Black Bond – Circle the Globe

What I am referring to is getting lost in THE music. What do I mean? Well, Wednesday was a workday at school and I went in and was actually able to plan for a good while. Of course I didn’t get to everything I wanted to, as usual, and I was preoccupied at times wondering about a situation that is still up in the air, waiting for an answer. But let’s not go there right now. Because it was a workday and I was getting preoccupied with this and I’ve discovered that I just really need some alone time, I decided yesterday that I was going to take myself to the movies that afternoon. And that I did.

I’d seen the previews for the movie August Rush and thought it looked like a brilliant movie. I’d also seen the previews for Enchanted, the Disney movie that “comes to life” and thought it would be good for some mindless, return to your childhood comfort. I decided I’d go see August Rush. In the previews for it I noticed that Keri Russell was in it. I have a blah attitude with regard to her acting. To me she was just this Lifetime movie, hasn’t done much since she was a teenager actress. She hasn’t done a lot in recent years that I can think of…and if she has, I probably haven’t noticed because I never really paid any attention to her. Anyway, the premise of August Rush, the music and little Freddie Highmore were more than enough to entice me to go see it. Adding Robin Williams and Jonathan Rhys Meyers to it was a bonus. But I also actually noticed Keri Russell in the previews I’d seen on tv. Maybe I was finally seeing her as an adult, someone who had matured and was in a role I could possibly find interest in. Either way, what I saw in the previews was worthwhile enough for me to care to go. I went and let me just say, this movie is quite possibly one of THE BEST I have seen in a long time. The music was incredible. The storyline was fantastical. The acting was great. The cinematography was so well done. And the added bonus of some of the actors actually performing the musical pieces in the movie and on the soundtrack. I guarantee you…I will have the soundtrack to this movie in no time. I highly recommend going to see it. And if you need someone to go with you, I’m there. Again.

August Rush Movie Trailer

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