Christmas Tidbits

Here are my thoughts thus far on the season:

  • My tree has been up for about half a month.  Yes, go ahead and figure that out.  I am a perfectionist.  I could market myself freelance during the holiday season as a holiday decor specialist.  In fact, I’ve done another tree already.  Pictures soon to come.
  • Holidays give you a good reason to free up space and get rid of unnecessary furniture.  Hooray.
  • I’ve already bought baking trays, cookie cutters, a melting pot, cookie decorations, cookie trays, etc. for my planned Christmas baking extravaganza.
  • I’ve made new Christmas music mixes. 
  • Call me cheesy, but I ALWAYS seem to be in my car when 104.7 is playing the song “Last Christmas” by Wham! and for some reason, it gets stuck in my head and is apparently “catchy”.  It is seriously the only song I turn the radio up for.  It’s rather hilarious.  And since I can’t get it out of my head, I might as well just give in.  So Idownloaded it from iTunes.  And then what happens?  The band plays it Sunday at church.  Only the Jimmy Eat World version.  Amusing.
  • My fears and suspicions were confirmed.  The movie A Christmas Story is in fact, a disguised cheesy horror movie.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with everyone at Jamie’s last night and I’m at least glad my suspicions about this movie were not unfounded.  No offense to anyone who loves this movie, but that kid is so annoying.  And his mom…wow.  Just as awful.  The brother was entirely too whiny.  The father…missing a few marbles.  The music…just confirmed the cheesy horror movie factor.  I really didn’t see it being very Christmasy either.  And I like my Christmas movies to feel like Christmas.  It rather depressed me.  But alas, I got to see Jamie for a while and spend even more time than I already had with Shannon, Adam, Laura, Kelly, Erika, and Nick this past weekend!
  • QUEST has the best Christmas series set ever.  It is so Christmasy in that choir room when we transform it!!!
  • Quacker Says may become a holiday game that a pre-k child you might know could begin to play at any time.
  • I need to get my lighted garland up sometime soon…
  • All presents thought of and accounted for.  Yes, thought of…I’m only missing 2 right now, but I’ve thought of them and know what they are going to be, so that counts.
  • Those that have not known the joy of White Christmas will know the joy this year.  I’m going to make sure of that.
  • Michael Buble’s 6 song Christmas EP is good times!
  • On a final, unrelated note…  I tried calling the box office for Blumenthal on Thursday last week during my break when tickets for WICKED were going on sale and what happens?  They sell out in 3.5 hours!!!  Gahhhhhhhh!  Craigslist here I come.

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