Another Late Friday 5

So I’ve actually been pondering this Friday 5 for a while wondering what in the world I could do.  Then I dawned on me a second ago due to something I read recently…  So here we go…  I am fully prepared for the consequences I shall reap because of the action I am currently taking in writing these and making some of it public…

5 Nicknames I’ve had and Never Been Able to Live Down

1. Rufus and/or Rufus Dufus – I don’t even know why…  Perhaps a derivation of my middle name, Ruth. 

2. Foofey – Another I guarantee came from my middle name.  Perhaps when my sisters and I were younger one of them couldn’t say my middle name, so it came out that way?  No idea, yet again.

3. Ricker/Lindset – Thank you, Megan.

4. Lindsinator/Lindsmeister – Sethinator, you are famous.  Ah the days of counseling at camp.

5. Princess Featherbottom – Again, why?  I have no idea, but my sisters just said it one day and haven’t let it go.


Hopeless, helpless, hipless deprived child – I REALLY can’t remember how this one came up, but it happened once during youth choir tour on the bus.  haha.

Lindsers – From my Melissa

Lindsey Lou – From the youth choir days…thanks Karen Flew…

Cheese – And Jackie is the Ham.  Hooray for roommates.

I have also been called a “Mexican teacher”, so who knows if that’ll stick.  And hey, if you know of other nicknames that I’ve forgotten, by all means, add them.  It’s actually quite amusing to think back to how they came to be and remembering the people it was with.  Ah, I’m so sentimental.

In other news, I’ll get a picture of this crazy snow and you all can enjoy it.


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