Adios a 2007

I’m back in the warmer reality of North Carolina.  I’ve been quite productive, which is nice.  I’ve been thinking about the coming new year and what this year has been.  I came across these questions…  I’m pondering my answers and perhaps I’ll have them up tomorrow.  I challenge you guys to answer them and post them.

1. List five happy memories of 2007.

2. Describe four things you’ve learned this year.

3. Which three relationships in your life have changed the most this year?

4. Name two new places you went this year.

5. What one thing you’ve done this year are you most proud of?

In other news, Christmas.  Well here’s a run down…

  • I saw my parents in a One Voice performance for Christmas.  Kind of like a musical/cantata.  I even saw my mother dressed as a hippo in it.  And she dance.  Yes, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  And you can see it here. 
  • Christmas eve was what it always has been – White Christmas and pizza and stockings…  And…marshmallow guns??!!  Oh yes.  My grandmother sent my sisters and I marshmallow guns.  And let me just say…my family would do this.  A war ensued and I kept to my strategy: stay in the middle, stay out of the way, load the ammo for others, and watch them destroy themselves.  Though…I did get a shot in the neck though…  And there is video proof of my excellent strategy.  You can watch that if you follow the link here.  The video is at the end of the post on my mom’s blog.
  • Christmas day…  Good day as usual.  My mother, as usual, holding her camera and demanding lighting change as needed so that she could get pictures of everyone with a gift now and then.  “Turn that light off so I can get a picture of your gift.”  Gifts from Mom and Drad, Mom and Duh, hahaha.  I know, I know…  You had wrapped many gifts by then.  I got some nice things.  My sisters had gotten me a few shirts.  Katie had used an old picture of the three of us from the day she was born (me holding Kate and Hil beside me) and painted a version of that photo.  She’d done a large one and had it copied into 3 smaller ones, one for each of us.  And she’d painted a verse on it from Ecclesiastes 4:12 – “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”  It was very nice.  She’s a talented one.  I also got a Spanish book and tape from Hil.  A few cookbooks.  An iPod NANO!!!  The newest generation.  It’s so small and thin!  And it’s more special to me because it’s for Project(RED).  The money that was used to purchase it also goes toward the American Heart Association, also important to me due to my grandfather’s death and my heart condition (which is not major by any means, but still there).  The biggest, most fun gift of all though…  My mom completely surprised the rest of us with a NINTENDO WII!!!!!  Very exciting.  I’m sure you can imagine how the rest of the day was spent.  My dad was in awe of the technology and how realistic it was.  He also got a Tiger Woods golf game, so he has some fun ahead for him.  Sadly I’ll only be able to really enjoy it at home, but its all good.  I know my mom and dad will have fun with it.
  • The rest of vacation was spent resting, eating, sleeping, wii-ing, and having fun with my familia.  Oh, and watching some Patriot action.  My sisters got my dad a Tom Brady jersey for Christmas…  Let’s just say that Saturday night for their last regular season game, we were all present and accounted for and in Patriot gear.
  • I got back last night and today went to see Sweeney Todd.  Yes, it was rather gory at times, but I do appreciate the movie for it’s very artistic aspects.  It was absolutely typical Stephen Sondheim as far as the musical score was concerned.  It was filmed very well.  I was actually quite impressed with Johnny Depp’s voice as well as Helena Bonham Carter’s.  Not perfect or maybe Broadway-ready, but the characters they were playing I imagine would not have had that caliber of a voice anyway, so they pulled it off perfectly for who they were playing.  My favorite scene was one when Sweeney was on a rage in the streets begging for a customer and when Mrs. Lovett was singing about living by the sea.  Hilarious.  And of course, I wasn’t a fan of how it ended, but I’m an eternal optimist.  Not to give anything away if you haven’t seen it, but if you have, I’m sure you can imagine how I would have wanted it to end.  Will I buy the movie?  Perhaps not.  The soundtrack.  A definite maybe.  haha.

 And now I’m off to ring in the new year…

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