The Year That Was…and the Year That Will Be

Ok, scrap that 5 question idea.  I was reading John Bishop’s blog and like how he reflected on last year.  Plus, looking through the year month by month is somehow so much easier and more narrow than the broad scope of figuring out what moments of 2007 meant the most to me.  So here we go…

My 2007…Month by Month

January: I suppose 2007 started out as a bit of a scare for me.  School started up again and I went to the doctor to have my yearly physical and I asked him about taking some blood to be tested because I had been ridiculously tired lately.  I didn’t want to chalk it up to it simply being my first year teaching and the toll that might be taking.  My sister has an iron deficiency and I was curious to know if I might have one as well.  Upon hearing the results at the worst possible time and worst possible place (during the day at school), my mind wandered.  I was told I had a high protein count in my blood and they wanted to talk to me about what that could possibly mean.  Now, why was school the worst place to hear this?  Because Lindsey’s mind is her own worst enemy and Lindsey is a worrier.  I called my mom during lunch and pretty much fell apart while looking at WebMD to see what a high protein count could mean.  I had to wait a week for my follow up appointment.  I go in and I’m told it might be multiple myeloma, a form of cancer.  My heart immediately started beating faster when I heard that word.  I was sent to see a cardiologist to have an echocardiogram to check up on my heart and my mitral valve prolapse (slightly leaking heart – quite a common conditon, actually).  We were going to wait another month to test my blood again to see if it was just something that happened that day or if it was a real situation and to see if I needed to see a specialist.  Talk about tripping me out.  I was so worried about everything and it was really hard to remember to trust God to work through it.  I walked on pins and needles emotionally for about the next month. 

Ah yes, and the end of January also held an awesome meeting with Pastor Steven and volunteer leaders at Elevation just working through and discussing goals for year 2.  It also included a trip to see an opera in Charlotte!

February: February was a good month.  Elevation brought in year 2 in style with an amazing night of worship when we recorded The Sound.  That was incredible. 

On top of this, I think my health scare was a blessing in disguise because it made me think of how precious and frail life is and we need to live it the best we know how.  I went to get my blood tested again and per the results I was told I was normal.  Aside from blood work, some might find that result questionable.  But this is another issue entirely. I also was able to find a new love because of this…yoga. 

March: March was the month that brought a lot of frustration with school not having a break since January (with weather, we’d had our workdays taken from us and you could definitely tell).  But it was also a month that brought a lot of change for me.  I had decided to start looking at apartments and possibly buying a townhome.  I saw a few places with a realtor and then decided to stick with an apartment.  I ended up with a deal that was incredible: applicaton fee waived, deposit waived, first month free.  I saved about $800 with that! 

April: Fun month.  Highlights definitely included:

  • Elevation’s 2nd Annual Egg Drop and intro to our new second campus.  Amazingly fun, though amazingly cold. 
  • Visiting Jackie in PA during Spring vacation.  Cheesecake Factory, fluffins, pepperoni and pineapple pizza, special ingredient spaghetti, House marathons, yet another birthday at Bennigan’s for her, reinstating the Tuesday night lineup, Eastern friends…  Can’t go wrong with that.


  • Getting the kids ready for Spring Celebration at school was intense.  I remember doing this when I went to Unionville.  We practiced every day, all day with different grade levels for about a month. 
  • At the end of the month we had 2 field days at school that I and my team (CSPAM team – computers, spanish, PE, art, music) helped put together for the kids.  That was fun also.


  • Spring Celebration was great.  By that time I’d successfully taught kindergarteners to do some merengue, fourth graders to do the La Bamba, and fifth graders to do flamenco. 
  • The last week of school we (CSPAM) brought our classes into the media center and did karaoke with them.  That was amusing.  We set it up American Idol style.  I was Simon with some plastic bling.  Oh yes.  Our PE teacher does a fantastic Paula Abdul.  I was impressed.  And Elvis entered and exited the room various times as well. 


  • Weird eye allergy issue that lasted for about…3 months
  • Tricking my car into passing inspection
  • Mountains
  • Family
  • An explore with my grandmother in the mountains (recounted in this post – highly entertaining).

August: Highlights included:

  • Summer Blast 2007
  • Being told I was going to have a classroom for the coming school year
  • Working on curriculum (yes, I’m a geek and proud of it)
  • The announcement of a new campus at Butler High
  • Beginning of the new pre-k production at church (terribly exciting in comparison to what we had been doing!).

Sort of light – my periodontal surgery

September: September was basically me being filled with happiness and laughter because of my kids at school.  They make me smile every single day.  And who wouldn’t laugh at a 5 year old who says, “I’m good at Spanish.  Next thing you know, I’ll be speaking Japanese.”

October: An incredible month, and not just because it’s the month that the great people of the world were born in.  haha.  It included:

  • The dinner the guys planned for the girls
  • The entire Dominate campaign and everything God did in my life before and after to lead me to my final commitment.
  • The MuteMath concert


  • Dominate Sunday…about 3000 Elevators under one tent on a field. 
  • Southern Christmas Show…because I love Christmas.


  • Being a hot on top of a mountain in December…who would have thought? 
  • Hearing children sing “Feliz Ladeda” at school
  • Being home for Christmas
  • Marshmallow gun wars
  • Wii with the family

As you can see, many highlights of my year included Elevation, Elevators, time spent with friend from church, and events involving Elevation…  Hmm, I wonder if that’s saying something??  haha.

And now here we are, January 1, 2008.  I’m excited for the year to come.  It holds tons of possibility and endless opportunities at school, church, home, with friends, my relationship with God, family…  Good things are to come.  My plan for ’08…continuing my current work habits going at school, continuing the balance I seem to have found with all things including school, church, etc.  And also to try to worry LESS and learning to not overanalyze things.

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