Baby, it’s cold outside…

First of all, my sister is a genius and you should read this post she made on her blog.  She puts out a great challenge for the new year. 

Apparently I brought the Mr. Freeze on the plane with me when I came back from New England to North Carolina.  It took him 2 days, but today, he went to work and has put the area in a seriously deep freeze.  Wow it was insanely cold and windy this morning.  It was about 20 some odd degrees outside this morning PLUS a frigid wind was blowing fiercely.  It was pure torture doing the car rider line this morning.  Ouch.

In other news, today of all days I was kicked out of my room in the morning because the power in the fifth grade trailers was out.  I had to rush to get ready to do today what I did last year – travel to classrooms all day.  haha.  I’m glad I had a room they could use though because it would have been awful for them outside without power in the trailers.

I also found the new Lakeshore Learning store in Matthews.  That’s TWO teachers stores within a mile or so of me!  I got a nice gift card for Christmas from my principal and her daughter who is in fourth grade.  Wow was the store massive and it made me insanely excited.  I spent about an hour in there just looking and contemplating.  I ended up buying a couple things, of course.

Upcoming post: one of two songs I love will be written about


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