A Few Splashes of Sunshine in My Weekend (and Monday)…

What are these splashes of sunshine, you ask?  Well…

  • spending time with friends who I haven’t seen for a couple weeks
  • going to church and being in awe of the record attendance (3500!!)
  • having a little girl stuck to my side for a while at church (did I mention I love kids?)
  • learning a little francais (my chats names are Smudge and Stuart)
  • being able to share openly with a friend and vice versa (Your plot is safe with me, my friend.  Spasiba, drook.  Look it up…  It certainly isn’t Spanish.)
  • receiving a gift from Elevation (late Christmas) that was just amazing – an NIV orange and green leather Bible with my name imprinted on it (very nice!)
  • Sonific…now if only they had the song I looked for first…
  • getting a voicemail from my Jackie informing me that she’s coming to visit in TWO WEEKS!  Yay!!!  Watch out Charlotte.  The pirates are about to unite once again!

One thought on “A Few Splashes of Sunshine in My Weekend (and Monday)…

  1. joyinhim says:

    So…uh…what language is that anyway? LOL. I am SOOO glad Jackie is coming to visit. You’ll have a blast and I KNOW she’ll enjoy being with the Elevators…

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