I Think I’m High…

Yes, you read that right.  It is 9:46pm on a Thursday night and I think I’m high.  On what, you might ask?  Am I doped up on meds because of a cold?  A headache?  High on germs because of the kiddos at school?  No, not exactly. 

I can feel things pulsing through me, coursing through me like my blood flows through my veins…ideas, thoughts, visions of the future, smiling faces and laughter, visions of friends…  I just came out of a Quest meeting and I just have to say, talk of the future, the present, how far we’ve come, the talk of systems and planning for the future…  It just gets my adrenaline pumping and being a teacher, it’s hard to stop the flow of ideas now and then.  Plus, for most people, the talk of systems and “management” would be like pulling a tooth.  For me, I get a ridiculous smile on my face and an adrenaline rush.  WHO SAYS THAT?  Techers.  And the incredible volunteers I sat with at this meeting.  I am so incredibly thankful to be in the position I am at Elevation to have a chance to care about what church is like for a family and to have the opportunity to help make sure they are fed and in turn given the opportunity to reciprocate that action for another family.  I get excited about these meetings.  I get excited about new volunteers.  I get excited about new systems to try in the kids areas.  I get excited about gaff tape (even though I’m not sure I spelled it right?).  I get excited about getting to Providence at 7am (or a little earlier) on Sundays.  I get excited about having to stretch myself more and having to stretch my faith more when it comes to the future of Elevation, E-Kidz, and Quest. 

So, to the entire Quest team (facilitators, creative, directorial, small group leaders, production, etc.) as well as Phillip and Heather, I just want you to know that in the words of one of my kids at school, YOU ARE THE BOMB DOT COM.  Phillip and Heather, thank you for doing what you do.  You have so much to oversee and look at and yet you are both so organized and looking to the future already as we should be so that we can structure E-Kidz for what is to come and hence better ourselves in not only what we do but in our faith.  So, thank you for being meticulous.  I’m on the OCD end of certain things, so I deeply appreciate every little thing you look at and try.  My hope is that when we start getting some of these young, young staff kids up into Quest and into Motion and going through E-Kidz overall, that we do you all proud and that each week we do Elevation and it’s families proud.  But most of all, I hope God gets glory through it all.

 Did I mention I was high?  I could go on forever about how much I love what I’m doing…  And I haven’t even gotten to the part where I mention I have ideas cooking in my head about my possible transition to stage manager.  I find that beyond thrilling as well for a whole new set of reasons in addition to the above!


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